Monday, February 16, 2015

Quotes from Tonight's Game Night #2

"I forgot how to play"
"You hit A."

"They really went to town on this DLC....Hyrule Town that is!"

"Steven hates all babies."

"You hear that? You have to hit the baby."

"Eat boomerrang!"

"Stupid blooper!" "Ah! Bats!"

"A need-based grant is, 'Give us all the money you can, and then we'll pay the rest.'"
"AND your first born child."

"When you're in twelfth place you can afford to go backwards."

"He's the hero of time! He'll just go back in time and not get poisoned."
"Like Bill Nye!"
"It's like a Dr. Suess book! 'Who would Bill Nye be murdered by?'"
"Any two syllable-named person."
"He would be murdered by Brennan Dye. I'm on to something! I'm going to write a book!"
*Everyone keeps talking obliviously*
"Red shell, blue shell, lava, dead..."

"You know what I want? I want to do a brownie. I want to do a brownie in my mouth."

*A couple minutes later*

"...Bill Nye couldn't fathom nothing, so he died."
"That narrow-minded scientist."

"Fabio all over your face! can't get mad, that was everyone's fantasy."


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