Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Farewell Fairfield

This post is about three months overdue, but here goes. 

After 4 years and 7 months of working an 8 hour overnight graveyard shift, I finally left my job at the Fairfield Inn in Provo Utah. 

My journey began at the Fairfield in August of 2009. I had recently moved to Provo Utah from New York City. I had previously been a nanny, a stage manager and a musical theater student/Broadway hopeful. I moved back to Utah from New York because I was in love with a boy named Steven who I knew would be coming back from his church mission in Germany and attending BYU that fall. 

When I first moved to Provo I was still attempting to be a Mary Kay consultant, (That's another post for another day...or never. I don't really want to talk about it) and failing miserably. I needed a real job. Anything. 

I was taking summer classes at BYU and a friend in my dance class (Yeah, I used to be a bit of a dancer too...) worked the night shift at the Residence Inn in Provo and told me about a job opening down at the Fairfield. 

I didn't have a car, but I had my old bicycle that I rode everywhere, so down I went to South Provo to drop off a resume. I still remember what I was wearing. Holey jeans and a hand-me-down T-shirt. Hahah. This is only a significant memory because as I was filling out the application to turn in with my resume, out walked the then-manager who said that if I had time he would just interview me right then! 
Longer story short, I got the job. On the spot right then. Because I said I could work nights. 

I worked nights for over 4 years after that. 

Some significant memories: 
-Getting robbed at "gunpoint" (Turns out the guy didn't really have a gun, but he said he did, so same emotional reaction)
-Having a coworker tell us that one of the vacant rooms had an evil spirit, but it was okay because he "banished it with his Priesthood".
-Throwing a coworker a going away party where we all put on fake tattoos
-My first work Christmas party where we tried to have a pinata and it ended with a lot of people getting hit in the face with a broom
-Showing my old boss Mike my engagement ring the weekend after Steven proposed
-All my coworkers making me a cute birthday/wedding congrats sign with highlighter markers
-Volunteering at Habitat for Humanity with my coworkers every Fall, and that one time where we went to a corn maze afterwards
-"Minute to Win it" games during the first ever "Fairfield Summer Olympics".
-Heading up work meetings and inventing fun games to help everyone memorize stuff
-The time Jenna said her favorite color was "Glitter"
-The time Wade said his favorite color was "Tickle Me Elmo"
-All the times Wade drew shirtless pictures of Ben. (I still have those by the way...)
-That one time a naked drunk guy flashed me 
-All of the horrible memories surrounding a creeper homeless guy named "Stan"
-Finding a My Little Pony toy in the lost and found and hiding it in Ben's office...where he kept it always after that. It watches over him. 
-Finding "Fifty Shades of Grey" in the lost and found and reading it out loud with Katie. 
-That time Jenna told Ben she could fit in a dryer. 
-Everything else about Jenna. 
-That time that Ben grew a horrendous beard and we nicknamed him "The Beard" and stroked our chins behind his back while whispering his personal catchphrase, "You will be fired!" 
-All the times I heart-attacked or otherwise surprise decorated people's offices or work spaces for holidays
-Working Christmas every Christmas for 4 years and wearing my Santa hat to stay motivated
-Getting a huge raise after I manned up and asked for it
Of course over 4 years there are a lot of accumulated memories of things, so the list could go on and on. 

The story of getting my new job is for another post. For now, it's time to finally say goodbye to Fairfield. The good, the bad, and the downright ugly, is behind me. I've opened a new chapter, but I will always be grateful for the journey of the hotel night shift, and the over 80 people I got to work with along the way. 

...Yeah, the turnover rate there is insane. 
Fairwell old friend 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

80 Reasons why my new job is better than my old job.

My new job at the Family Support and Treatment Center is the best job in the world. Not only do I think it is superior to every job ever, but especially having come from a graveyard shift at the Fairfield Inn...Ugh. Wow. Really didn't realize how miserable I was at that place until I left it.

Every single day I think of new reasons why I love this job and I decided to make a list.

Here are all the reasons I love my new job:

1. I work with kids
2. Kids draw me pictures
3. Baby birds live in a hole in the wall outside and nobody wants to kill them.
4. I am allowed to listen to music on my shift whenever I want. Pandora all day!
5. Impromptu staff sing-alongs
6. Impromptu duets of "Lean on Me" with my boss
7. We actually have staff meetings. Every week. And everyone gets to contribute.
8. Free food ALL the time.
9. Free J-dawgs and Menchies on my second day.
10. I get to sit down in a big comfy rolling chair.
11. No security cameras causing constant paranoia
12. I have my own desk
13. My desk is huge
14. I work during the day
15. No one is ever naked.
16. No more creepy truckers hitting on me.
17. Nobody is drunk.
18. Everyone I work with is happy all the time!
19. I have a whole shelf just for me to put my school stuff on.
20. I work at my own pace
21. I am accountable to myself
22. I set goals and make projects for myself and everyone likes and praises me for it.
23. My ideas and thoughts matter.
24. I don't feel disrespected by my boss all the time.
25. I don't have to do stupid and tedious hour by hour work emails.
26. My shifts are 5 hours long instead of 8.
27. Early out Fridays!!
28. I never have to work another National Holiday.
29. I have my own key to the building.
30. I get my very own snack drawer to keep all my snacks.
31. I can eat food whenever I want right there at my desk and not feel like I have to hide.
32. We have an actual break room.
33. The break room has a full sized fridge and a microwave and a toaster
34. The break room is always stocked with disposable plates, cups and utensils for us to use.
35. The phone has caller ID
36. I can order office supplies at Staples whenever I want
37. My coworker is open to my suggestions
38. My other coworker tells me jokes randomly during the shift
39. We have inspirational quotes each week that we all take turns picking
40. Our Facebook page has suggestions for how to strengthen families
41. I never have to work another weekend.
42. I am no longer in charge of taking out the trash for everyone.
43. My boss rides a motorcycle
44. My boss is a woman :)
45. My boss never feels like a boss because we are all just such a great team
46. Modest casual dress code, meaning jeans and T-shirts are AOK
47. Stopping what you are doing so that your coworker can show you a funny youtube video is acceptable
48. I have a coworker who is like my own personal redbox and brings me DVD's to borrow
49. I work with therapists, not college students.
50. I get off work at 6pm every day so I can go home and spend the evening with Steven.
51. I work for a non-profit organization
52. I love all the people I work with.
53. Coworkers who are always willing to help out and cover for me if I can't come to work.
54. The sweetest coworker ever who apologizes for having to correct me on anything. haha. :)
55. Fresh flowers at my desk sometimes.
56. Coworkers who bring candy and snacks and food to share
57. "Party Friday"
58. I don't have a mandatory cleaning list, but instead feel helpful doing extra cleaning because I want to.
59. People notice and thank me for doing extra projects/cleaning.
60. Endless office supplies!! Meaning I don't have to ration my sticky-notes.
61. Organizational projects. I love organizing!
62. Upcoming work retreat where we all hang out and play games
63. Everyone was so sympathetic when I got a bad sunburn. Someone even brought me Aloe for it.
64. I work with licensed therapists, so there is always someone wise to talk to if I need advice.
65. I don't have to memorize anything for work inspections
66. Nobody drinks beer at work and then keeps it in the employee fridge.
67. I no longer have to plunge strangers toilets
68. I no longer have to call the cops because there are drug addicts wandering the halls in a creepy stupor.
69. I no longer have to deal with people watching porn in the lobby
70. I can put people on hold.
71. The phone greeting isn't ridiculously long.
72. I don't have to type in a password whenever I want to do anything on the computer.
73. There is a private playground at my work.
74. I get to hold babies sometimes
75. Little kids give me hugs and make me laugh almost every day
76. None of the rooms are haunted or have "evil spirits".
77. The vacuum works!
78. We exist to help families and children, not to make company/bosses richer.
79. People can bring their kids to work
80. I never have to take towels to someone's room and find them shirtless...or worse.

So there you have it. Or at least as many things as I could think of off-hand. I'm sure there will be more. I love this job more each day and am filled with gratitude for this completely new life!