Friday, May 30, 2014

Quotes from tonight's game night

"Walk around it, like a man"

"K...I guess I'll just be a bubble..."
"Why are you in a bubble?"
"I can't control my bubble!"

"Get that cacti! Get it Eric!"

"Smash the bee!"

"Mommy? MOMMEEE???"

"I got 69... ...hundred!"

"I'm feeling insecure. Why did she not want to go out with me? ...did she see me naked?"

"Mike from Gold's gym. The only things he talks about are sex and drugs."

"Hey! I can push things! Did you know that?"

"If I was playing this game I would just bubble-button the whole time."

"Steven! Touch the thing!"
"...that's what she said."

"Lick it...lick it..." *chanting all together* "LICK IT"

"Blow Steve, blow!"

"Good job, Steeeve."

"Steven, do the thingy! TOUCH IT!!"

"Look who has a crown! Not livin' in YOUR shadow anymore, MARIO."

"Let's go to the black thing......that's racist."

"Swap em!" "I swaped them so good!"

"Nobody owes Austin anything!"
"Everyone owes Austin a punch in the face!"

"You're going to kill me? I don't think I want to marry you then!"
"Kill is an acronym for cuddle you with kindness."
"...that would be CYWK."

"Have you guys seen the new Muppet movie? The Swedish chef has some phenomenal lines."

"I don't understand this 3D stuff!"

"Get the bunny! Get the bunny! Get that big fat bunny!!"

"Onee and a twoee and a ready and a play!"

 "Do I have a tick in my ear?"
"'s eating your brains."

"We're done with this world. Lets blow this Popsicle stand."