Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Resolutions for 2014

*Taraya Galloway and her husband Joe (Check out their blog HERE) reminded me the other day that it's still Chinese New Year, so I can still count this as a New Years post.*

I have been extremely unmotivated to write this blog post, because I feel like once I do and it's out in the bloggy world, then it means I have to follow through on my resolutions.

Resolution one...procrastinate less? ...?

Okay, so last year was a great year and I had some really awesome resolutions. In fact, I think that blog post was the first one that I linked on Facebook after writing it, and in doing so I got a lot more blog followers. Woohoo! Thanks FB people!

In case you don't feel like re-reading last years post, I'll do a quick recap of my previous resolutions.


Goal #1: Hard core workout at least once a week!

Follow up: Yeah...that didn't exactly happen.

BUT when you publicly declare something over social media it does tend to stick on your mind more!

I had some good weeks and some bad weeks. I had weeks where I even worked out TWICE! Especially when Steven was in Wales. But then there were some months where I only worked out twice the entire month. All in all, I think I worked out more in 2013 than I'd worked out in any other recent year, and apart from when I was like 14-15 and on the track team, I think I'm in better shape than ever before. So, I'm going to go ahead and call that a success.

Goal #2: Health. My goal was to make every recipe on my Pinterest Recipe Board. The idea behind it being that it would encourage me to make and eat more "real" food that I made from scratch, even if it was desserts.

Follow up: *Laughs hysterically* yeah, I didn't even come CLOSE to making all the recipes on that board!! Do you guys understand how long cooking things takes?

BUT on the up side, I DID discover the worlds best chocolate chip cookie recipe this year, and I don't even know how many times I ended up making those!

*Pats myself on the back reassuringly*


Goal #3: Spirituality.
I opened up a lot last year about some struggles I'd had with churchy things. I just wanted to do better in 2013. Pray more, read scriptures more and attend church more.

God must read my blog, because right after publishing that blog post last year I got called to be a Relief Society teacher. This pretty much meant that I was forced to show up for church at least once a month.

And you know what? I made some friends! And then I wanted to go because I had friends! And then I gave up my pride and joined the ward choir, and when they moved our meeting time and we lost our rehearsal space, I volunteered my house, and then I made MORE friends!

And basically I really like church now. So...that happened.

Goal #4: Personality.
Basically I just wanted to stop being so judgey and gossipy.
The one person I had in mind when I made this goal ended up becoming a close friend, so that worked out.

However, my goal not to gossip was not a success. I mentioned that it was hardest at work because I am such good friends with my managers, and I have found that it continued to be a huge discouraging problem.

How do you draw the line between being a good listener/friend, and being a gossip?

Someone please tell me. I haven't figured it out yet.

So there you have it. In the last year I improved my fitness regime (baby steps!), found some great new recipes (cookies!), regained a love of the gospel (Yay church!) and turned an "enemy" into a friend.

Overall, a successful year!

It's actually kind of perfect timing that I waited this long to write this, because the home teaching message for the month ended up being about goals. President Uchtdorf gave a fantastic message about how important it is to set goals for ourselves, and how we shouldn't get discouraged if/when we aren't successful right away. We are imperfect human beings, and we often fall short. The important thing is to keep trying, and get better bit by bit each day. It's really a fantastic message, and if you haven't been home taught yet this month (or if you are not LDS and have no idea what home teaching is) you can read it HERE.

So, in an effort to keep moving forward and improving, no matter how slow the pace, here are my NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS FOR 2014!

GOALS 1-4: Recycle last years goals! You can't make progress if you just stand still.

I want to keep working out, keep making recipes, keep improving spiritually and be kind in my words to and about others.

BUT, I can't push myself to become better if I remain in the past, so....NEW GOALS ARE...*drum roll please*

GOAL #5: Update the blog weekly!
I love this blog. I enjoy writing things on it. It is a place for me to both give detailed updates of our married life, and also ramble about things on my mind. I want to make it "a thing" this year. So...buckle up. It's happening.

GOAL #6: Write in my journal.
I used to be religious about journal writing. Throughout junior high and high school I'd do it almost every night without fail! I have some hysterical accounts of my life then. Then there are years and years of nothing but the occasional blog post or Facebook status. I don't want any more years of my life to be missing.

GOAL #7: Accept compliments.
It has come to my attention lately how quick we are to dismiss other people's praise.

As if just accepting someone's nice thought about you somehow makes you conceited. Or, on the other hand, we are all too critical of ourselves and can't believe anyone would actually think we had nice hair, or a nice outfit or a nice face.

It's time to start accepting that we are pretty awesome people. Take that compliment! Feel good about yourself! You are awesome. :) 

LAST GOAL: Get a new job. 
This is the year. It's time. I'm burnt out doing this night shift thing. 
I don't have a time limit on this one, I'm just open to something better coming along. If anyone has any good recommendations, let me know!

So there you have it. 2014 will be a year of better fitness, better health, a more committed spiritual life, kind words, more blogs/journal entries, epic self-esteem and hopefully a new job. Sounds like a great year!

To all who have made resolutions, keep it up! Don't get discouraged if you miss a day or a week. Keep trying!

To anyone who hasn't made any goals yet, just do it. It feels good.