Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Little Lindsley Christmas Letter

                The year two thousand and thirteen was a year some big exciting events, and a year of some...interesting less exciting events. January got things rolling with another car break-down and UVU denying Rebekah her financial aid claiming that “according to her records she is currently incarcerated”. Happy New Year, I’m in prison. We thought the car issues had been resolved, but in February it broke down a second time and the prognosis was that it needed a new transmission. Rebekah also got so ill that month that she had to call into work sick for the first time in three and a half years, but on the upside we were both in good health for Valentine’s day and celebrated at Tucanos

Both Steven and Rebekah attended school all year, and Rebekah sang first soprano in UVU masterworks chorale during Winter semester. Along with school, Rebekah still volunteers weekly in the crisis nursery at The Family Support and Treatment Center in Orem, and in April received acertificate from the state for her service. Also in April Rebekah turned twenty four, we celebrated ourthird wedding anniversary in Las Vegas, and Jennifer and Matthew, Rebekah's extremely generous and charitable older sister and her husband, offered to let us buy their old car so we traveled to California to retrieve it. 

With the unexpected and much more reliable second car, life and traveling got a lot easier, making a trip up toSmithfield and Logan for Memorial day in May possible. 

In June Steven and Rebekah marched with a group called “Mormons Building Bridges” in the Utah Pride Parade, and Rebekah’s accompanying blog post about the event received over four hundred views. Rebekah still works the graveyard audit shift at the Fairfield in Provo which has proved to never cease to be surprising. This years most memorable experience was getting flashed by a drunk naked man. That accompanying blogpost also received numerous views.

July was the most significant month of the year because it was Steven’s month long study abroad in Wales at Cardiff University. He was awarded a full scholarship to the program and was gone for the entire month of July doing what was called an "Intensive Language Study". He took Welsh language courses at the university and lived in Cardiff with other students for the month. Rebekah kept busy with work and summer classes, but also occupied her free time by renovating the apartment with new paint, new shelves, some new furniture and a make-over of some old items.

In August Fall classes started up again and Rebekah auditioned for the Utah Valley University Chamber Choir. She was accepted as a second Alto and has loved every minute since! The Chamber Choir is a professional touring choir, and in October Rebekah went with them to Charleston South Carolina. 

September had some wild ups and downs with Rebekah surviving a bought of food poisoning and recovering just in time to attend the first ever Salt Lake City Comic Con with Steven. We dressed up as Gandalf and Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings movie series and enjoyed our few hours of being comic con celebrities. 

Also in September, Steven took the GRE in preparation for grad school, and he rocked it! 

October was a busy month with Steven’s celebrating his 25th Birthday with a party at Jump on it, (Can you believe he's a quarter of a century?!? I can't!) decorating for Halloween just as extravagantly as we always do, and Rebekah going on tour. 
In November school really started to bog us down, but we got to follow traditions and celebrated two Thanksgivings with our families in Springville. 

December: It has been the hardest and most grueling semester for the both of us. Yet Steven conquered all and will graduate from Brigham Young University with two majors, Linguistics and German studies, and a minor in linguistic computing. He will "walk" in the Spring, and we would love for as many of you as possible to come and support him in this phenomenal academic achievement! Steven plans to attend grad school in the Fall, and his final destination is to be determined. Rebekah will continue working on her Music degree at Utah Valley University, and hopes to graduate herself someday. In the meantime we continue to enjoy living in our cute apartment in downtown Provo with our animal babies, Missy the cat and Claymore the turtle. 

We appreciate all the love, support and help we have received this year from kind family and new friends. We hope that this next year brings everyone the same joy and peace we received from all of you. Thank you for your interest in our lives, and a Merry Christmas to everyone! 

The following pictures were taken by our good friend Alana Dunn. To see more of her photographical amazingness, please visit: Beautifully Dunn Photography

Merry Christmas! We Love you!!