Tuesday, October 22, 2013


While Steven was learning Welsh at Cardiff University in Wales, I had planned for myself several projects to keep busy. Mainly, I wanted to "Remodel" our apartment of 3 years.

Even before moving in I had wanted to paint the walls, and for one reason or another it just hadn't happened. Every year for our "maintenance inspection" I had asked our landlady if I could paint, and she said yes, as long as the colors weren't too bold. If they were too bold she would just have us paint them white again before we moved out.

But I had a plan. And I have a Pinterest. ;)

I was determined to design and paint our house in a way that would be so modern and classy that our management would just love it and never want it to change. 

So, since this is such an overdue post, I will just illustrate the remainder of it through some before and after photos! :) 

Ok, JK, I just realized I don't actually have that many "before" photos of things, but here are some items I redid. :) 

As I said, I suck at taking before pictures, so this is a "during" picture of Xanthe painting the walls grey.
Before they were all a stark, prison-wall, white. 
You can see a little more of the "before" in this photo. 
I remembered to take this photo just as we started painting. :) 
The kitchen was also just plain old ugly boring white. 
And then...after the first coat, it looked like this!
After the final coats...starting to put the rooms back together! 
Missy was happy that I'd cleared off the shelves...
I am obsessed with the two colors side by side. :) 
Demon cat! LoL! 

My mother in law came over and painted the bathroom with me. :) She is so amazing!
We had a great afternoon together and I love the bathroom color! 
These pictures really don't give it justice. The color is a fresh light green called "Celery".
Now our bathroom is all green-themed! 
And now, for one of my favorite renovations...
Before, in our living room, behold this weird and pointless alcove!
Seriously, why is this here? Maybe it used to be a closet? 
But now...SHELVES!!!

My father in law made/installed these for me!!

Amazing! Amazing!!! So much more storage space now! 

Missy was eager to check out the new shelves as well. :)
And as another point of interest, at our next apartment inspection our landlady FINALLY authorized to have our carpets cleaned, so we no longer have nasty stains everywhere. :) 
I already owned one of those black bins, but picked up a couple more for all our board games.
The other books we owned moved into the office on the old bookshelf,
and now the shelves fit ALL of my scrapbooks, yearbooks and other memory books with room to spare! 
I also stayed up late one night and used my label maker to mark all the
scrapbooks/yearbooks with dates and events so I can always
find what I want to look at! 
The finished corner!
I also re-painted that little red plant stand thing.
It was kinda orange before, but now it matches much better! 
I created a full collage of photo memories centered around a gorgeous picture
of the Mount Timpanogos Temple that my Mom bought us as a very belated
wedding present. I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond and I can't believe how
well the colors matched our living room theme of black, white and red! 
This bizarre ugly little table was in the kitchen before holding up all kinds of kitchen items,
but with new shelving making space in the kitchen, I got the idea to make it into a game table!
I'd already started painting in this photo, so it's not a true "before". Just imagine that the top used to be a weird
orangey-brown color. 

I had so many amazing helpers for the remodel! The very same night that Steven left for Wales, Xanthe, Whitney and Katie all helped me to paint the first coat in the living room, and then in the days that followed Whitney and Xanthe helped me paint the kitchen, my mother in law helped me paint the bathroom and Katie helped me spray paint and up-cycle all my furniture items! Katie also was the sewing master behind my couch remodel. :D
When we first moved into this apartment and had absolutely no furniture, 
we found this couch on KSL or CL for free. It was super ugly, but also really comfy,
and you can't beat free! So we took it home and bought a $20 or $30 dollar slip-cover for it.
The actual couch cushions were really ripped up, and the overall design was a grossly 
faded-out white and blue striped thing. 
The slipcover helped, but I always hated how it didn't fit right and constantly slipped off. Plus, if you ever wanted to actually use the hide-a-bed inside the couch, you had to take the whole slipcover off, revealing the hideous and nasty looking couch underneath. So I had this brilliant idea to just use the slipcover to reupholster the couch! We used the actual slipcover and just staple gunned it underneath all around the couch, and then got separate black fabric and made little "pillowcases" for the three cushions! (And when I say "we", I really just mean Katie. Because she is awesome. And a sewing wizard.) 
The finished couch! Looks brand new! Looks like an actual couch!!
Total cost of original slipcover and fabric to make the cushions? Probably less than $50.
Not bad for a super comfy couch with a bed inside!! 
Another shot of the finished living room on the day Steven got home and saw it for the first time. :)
He was thrilled and impressed! It's seriously like living in a different apartment. 
Thumbs up for the new kitchen! You can see the new shelving unit
we have on loan from the Lindsleys. 

Completed bathroom with the re-painted shelving back on the walls!
We also made and installed that shelving ourselves.
We've made so many great improvements to this apartment! 
I haven't painted the bedroom yet, but I did move this little black shelf in
and made it a little shrine to our wedding. :) 

The office didn't get painted either, but I made a few organizational
improvements to clean things up and make it more obvious whose side is whose. 
FYI, this side is mine. ;)
You can also see the almost completed little game table in the left of this photo!
I need to spray paint the other squares, but it's going to have a checkerboard top!!
There are still a few more things on my To-Do list, but remodeling the apartment was a huge success! It's nice feeling like you left something better than you found it, and it also motivated us to want to live here longer, which is great because the rent is unbeatable! :D 

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  1. Ahhh it's so good. I seriously love those shelves in the alcove, they look amazing! And I love your brilliance with the couch. Genius! It all looks fantastic :) Makes me want to just go update and prettify my whole house immediately haha. But really...


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