Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lindsley Sisters Weekend 2013

Continuing the trend of overdue blog posts...

Our Annual Lindsley sisters weekend was the best of all! We realized that this might be the last formal weekend we'll all have together since Sarah was leaving on a mission and Whitney might leave the state next year. We decided to go up to Park city and just have a fun and relaxing shopping day.

I'd never been to park city (WHO IS THIS?!??) and was excited to check it out.

Park citaaaayyyyyy!

The shopping part of Park City was wehwaaahh for me. Pretty much just a lot of overpriced places in a strip mall that wasn't pretty or fun to walk around. I prefer city creek if I'm going to shop for high-end stuff. The only places I bought clothes in were places I can find in Orem like Gap and Old Navy. So...that wasn't a huge perk of Park City to me.
Once we were done shopping and went to downtown OLD Park City, then I began to fall in love and see the charm of the place. :)

One of the first things that made me like Park City was this shoe tree with hundreds of people's shoes hanging off of it.
 Park City is home to a lot of statues. You can't see a statue and not want to pose with it, so we tried to pose with as many as possible.


Here I am next to my friendly protector, Kokoam the Indian man. 

Since Sarah was leaving for a mission in Mexico, we decided to eat dinner at "The Blue Iguana". 

 But before that, we took a little stroll down historic main street, where in the visitors center we came face to face with....SASQUATCH!!! Or wait, is it the abominable snow man??!?


I dared Whitney to pose with the Yeti and to touch his man boob. She did it, because she is awesome. :D hahahah.

Sisters ready for munchies!!

The Blue Iguana was pretty freaking delicious. I had a quesadilla because Mexican food/sauce is not my favorite, but quesadillas are!


After dinner there were more poses with statues...

Sarah with a prospector
A trip to the family history center to visit the sister missionaries...and Grandmother willow....

Listen with your heart! You will understaaaaand! 

Aaaaand more posing with statues.

Also this happened. 

For the last thrill of the night we rode the free park city Trolley and Michelle and I tried to get everyone to sing "Clang clang clang went the Trolley". Because we are cool theatre kids. Get with it. ;) 

And that was the end of Lindsley Sister Weekend 2013! It was a good one!! I love my SIL's!!! :)

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