Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Have your cake and jump on it too!"~Steven's 25th Birthday

To celebrate Steven's quarter of a century age mark, we took a bunch of friends to "Jump on It".
Steven is in his element when he is jumping around, doing flips, being crazy...basically he's super athletic and energetic. Fortunately, so are his friends! With Eric, Austin, Breanna and Melissa and a couple of her friends in tow, we headed to Lindon and enjoyed an evening of jumping, swinging, climbing, bouncing, running and being crazy. Hooray for birthdays and being 25!!

Hooray I'm flying!
Eric leaping over a platform

Austin's epic jump

Steven flipping with ease

Taking a quick break to take off socks

Now that's a flip! 

Rock climbing wall! 

Austin's frog legs and swimming in the foam pit

Me scaling the wall

Getting higher! 

Enjoying his party

Yay!! This picture accurately describes our whole relationship. ;) hahaha. JK! 



Flipping and flying!



Flying and flailing! 

Hair blowing in the breeze! 
Epic flip-roll!

"I have no idea what I'm doing! Yayyy!"
 This place was awesome! Not only is the whole floor and most of the walls covered in trampoines, but there are also balls and basketball hoops and things to jump over, to climb and to swing on! This huge rope swing was by far my favorite part!

 There was also this slippy slide thing with a bar at the top and you had to try and run up it really fast and grab the bar.

We also played dodgeball which I hadn't played since probably Jr. High! It was so much fun!!

 More turns on the rope swing...

Everyone had a great time and I think we would all HIGHLY recommend Jump on It! A great place for high-energy fun!

Happy Birthday Steven. LOL! 

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