Thursday, August 29, 2013

Three Wishes

A while back at a family dinner we were talking about 3 wishes. If a magical genie appeared and offered you 3 wishes, what would they be? Of course obvious things come to mind like unlimited wealth, beauty, long life, happiness...etc.

Then we started thinking a bit more in depth like, "No wars", "World Peace" and things like that.
Someone pointed out, however, that a decree for no more war would put thousands of people out of a job like soldiers and servicemen.
It quickly became evident that even the best intended "wishes" could mess up a lot of people's lives.

It was on my mind for a few weeks, and the other morning I woke up and decided on my own 3 wishes.

Excluding the wishing for more wishes thing, my three magical wishes would be:

1: No more disease or illness of any kind in the world. None. It would just cease to exist.

2: Nobody could lie. Somehow, magically, you just couldn't ever lie again.

3: Teachers would get the highest salaries. :)

The reason I thought of the first one was that I woke up with a stuffy nose.  I hate waking up with a stuffy nose. It happens almost every day, and I loathe that feeling. I wished I could never have a stuffy nose again!
I realize no more disease would put a lot of doctors in a different line of work, but even with no disease there would still be lots of accidents, starvation, eating disorders, trauma etc that doctors could help with! But wouldn't it be amazing if there were no more cancer? Flu? Common colds??

Secondly I just am sick of lying. The world is full of it. I feel like most of the major problems on earth (in government, relationships etc...) could be solved by complete honesty. If there were some way to create that I foresee nothing but good that could come of it.

Thirdly, it's ridiculous that teachers make less than basically every other profession when they contribute more to society than anyone else.

So, if a genie appeared to you, what would your 3 wishes be?
Do you see any potential problems with my wishes?
Let's discuss. :)


  1. Is it really more important that the military be employed than to have world peace? Isn't that a *good* thing if the armies of the world are out of their jobs? Can't they, I dunno, get new jobs?

    1. Good point. ;) Well, *I* didn't say that, so yes, I completely agree with you. Maybe that was a bad example of how a good intended wish could be bad for someone else.

  2. I wish for...all the gold in the world! Just kidding. Hmm.
    1. Every child have a loving parent & know they're loved
    2. Bugs never bite, sting or otherwise nibble on people...yes, mosquitos I am specifically thinking of you
    3. Amen to the honesty wish. Although there would be a few world wars and a million more divorces when everyone first came out with all the things that have been going on. Maybe I take this one back. Instead, if everyone just could miraculously have pure Christlike love for everyone else, that would be amazing. Then all problems could be worked out so much more easily. And I think it would eradicate dishonesty, too. a-HA! Yes. I choose charity. Of course, the fact that it came after children and mosquitos might say a lot about where I am in my progress towards this attribute...doo-da-dooooo

  3. I'm adding "crawling" to #2...pity to waste that bug wish without including ants. Whew, close one.


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