Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dinner at Gloria's Little Italy

Thank you Momma Lindsley for the coupon to Gloria's Little Italy! We'd never been, and we enjoyed a beautiful evening and delicious meal together to cap off our Anniversary celebrations. :)

Gloria's is just a few blocks away from our apartment, so we were able to walk to it on a warm summery evening. We got a great table in a private area of the restaurant and enjoyed the cozy italian atmosphere!

The highlight of the evening was the live accordion player that serenaded the table of ladies sitting behind us, and then stayed at their table chatting and making them do sing-alongs for most of their meal. haha! We were secretly glad he ended up spending so long with them and skipped us. ;)

You can see the accordion player in the back...

Yum yum! 
It was a fun night! Thanks Mom!!

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