Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rebekah's 24th Birthday: aka: I suck at taking pictures.

Despite having a camera with me the entire night I forgot to take any pictures of my Tucano's Birthday dinner.

We have reached the point in our lives when we now have more couple-friends than single ones. Joining us for my Meat-lovers birthday party were 5 of those couples. Since I am terrible at taking pictures, I will illustrate with ones that I steal from their Facebooks! Yay!! I'm a creeper!

The first surprise of my birthday-DAY (which was a Thursday) was that when I got home from work at 6am, I found the table decorated with balloons and presents from my sweet husband. :)

Look at this haul! 
Steven puts me to shame with how good he is at picking presents. He is one of those people that will remember something that I mentioned one time and then buy it for me. For example, I had told him just a few days before that I was thinking of getting Star Trek to watch at the After-Tucanos party. So he got it for me for my birthday! He is amazing like that. :)
He also got me a sustain pedal for the keyboard, treble-clef earrings and a Willow Tree figure of a girl holding a cat. :) 

He knows me so well.

So anyway....Tucanos.
My love for Tucanos cannot be fully described in just one blog post, so for further information on how much I love it, see here and here.

However, my love for Tucanos can only be rivaled by my love for my friends who came to celebrate my birthday and spend an exorbitant amount of money on meat. :D

First friends to arrive were Eric and Breanna
Eric was my friend even before I knew Steven. (Sun Chip!) He has been friends with Steven since... Elementary school? He was one of the groomsmen at our wedding and is just all-around one of our most favorite people. Eric and Breanna have been dating for...a while... (I have no idea how long they've been dating. haha) and we think she is pretty swell. :) They make a good couple! 
Even though Breanna had recently had foot surgery and was on crutches, she still was willing to come to my birthday party!! Thanks guys! 

Next to arrive was Alana and Jon
Alana is another friend from high school, though admittedly we didn't hang out then. It wasn't until we moved into our second "married-student" ward here in Provo that we were in the same ward with them and became close friends! Alana and Jon have the two cutest little girls that I have ever seen, and I am lucky enough to be asked to babysit for them often!! I love this little family. 

Shortly after, my friends Katie and Sophia arrived with their husbands. 

This is Katie
This is Sophia
Katie and I met through work at the Fairfield Inn. She started out working the weekend breakfast shift and then quickly moved to front desk and THEN to front desk manager! "This girl is on Fi-ire!!!" 
She is now one of my closest and bestest friends. I don't know what I'd do without her! 
Sophia and I met during my first semester at UVU in Masterworks Chorale. From day one I appreciated her humor and sarcasm! She wasn't part of any of the little choir "cliques", but got along well with everyone and definitely got me through that first semester! Even though she is graduated now, she is still helping me get through my Music Theory classes. She is just all-around an amazing girl and I'm lucky to have her as a friend!
Both of their husbands are also super nice and supportive, and we sat them across from each other so they could have meat-eating contests. ;) haha. 

Last to arrive were our good friends Christie and Todd. :) 
They were ALSO High school sweethearts, and in fact I think they started dating in Jr. High school! These two are amazing people. Seriously, I challenge you to find any that are nicer!! They constantly amaze me with how kind and unselfish they are. They foster doggies, and do tons of charity work! Truly an inspiring couple. :) We love spending time with them and were so grateful that they could make it to the dinner! 

So that was our party! Again, I apologize for the lack of actual photos, but you get the idea. A great group of amazing people eating amazing food! 

Tucanos, of course, was amazing. Those guys. WOW. 

Here are a bunch of Tucanos pictures. haha. :D Gettin' hungry?? 


It was an amazing night! I think besides having reached the age where most of our friends are married, we've also reached the age where everyone can act like adults in a group setting. 

I was so pleased that all of my party guests got along so well! I mean, yeah, half of them already knew each other, but still.... 
Everyone was chatty and laughing the whole time! It was just wonderful! We all sat around one long table with Steven and I down on one end with Katie and Sophia, and the high school friends on the other end. I think it was the perfect arrangement, even though I felt bad not being able to be next to everyone. Maybe we should have played musical chairs and jumped around? haha. :) 

The food was amazing, the company was amazing, and at the end of our meal the servers came and sang Happy Birthday! Woohoo! Christie and Sophia also have birthdays in April, so they got up and danced with me. ;) 

We'd planned a little "After-party" with cake and other refreshments back at our apartment for anyone that wanted to come over, including those friends who couldn't make it to Tucanos. 
Almost everyone in the dinner group had to get home to other things, but Eric and Breanna came over and were joined by our other High-school-groomsmen friend Ethan. 

The five of us had cake, snacks and STAR TREK! Woohoo!! 
Ethan lighting the birthday candles!


Singing the birthday song! 

Also a nice shot of the strawberry-bavarian-jello I made....

24! Fire hazard for sure!! 

Waving away the smoke. haha. 
It was a wonderful and relaxing birthday! I'm kinda glad I didn't plan a great big party this year, because I was really just able to sit back, eat, and enjoy everyone's company rather than stressing about all the little details. :) It was a great day! 

BUT THEN............................
You thought this post was over, but NO! 

My birthday weekend continued with a family party at my In-laws! 
I'll just tell about this in pictures to wrap it up. :) 

My In-laws made this amazing cake for me! My father in Law
did the frosting. :) 

Party table! 

Birthday kids get the special plate. :) 

Ready for presents! 

About to blow out my candles...
First birthday ever that I didn't manage to blow
them all out. Boo! No birthday wish for me!! 
It was a wonderful birthday weekend all around! I got food, movies, treats, a Karaoke machine and a DVD shelf! :) Thanks to everyone for helping me turn 24 LIKE A BOSS. 

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  1. This looks so fun! I'm sad to have been gone during your birthday party--I missed out! But I'm glad you had such a rockin' time with all those supah cool people. Joe is really good at remembering present ideas for me too, and I honestly suck at it haha. I'm pretty sure I gave him shirts for his last birthday. Shirts! *sigh* (also...THREE POSTS?! how can I keep up with that!? haha. :D )


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