Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Love Songs

~I started writing this post ages ago and am finally going to finish it tonight in honor of our anniversary. :)

This post will probably be interesting to no one but myself, but I'm doing it anyway.

Music is obviously an important part of my life as an individual, but it has also played a big role in my relationship with Steven.

Behold, our musical history!

I guess the first memorable song of our relationship would have to be the Springville High 2007 Prom theme song,
"I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing"

Our Senior Prom was on April 28th, 2007. By that time Steven and I were officially a couple, but hadn't been public about it at all. We called ourselves "openly-secret lovers". Prom was sort of our 'announcement' night. It was also, for me, redemption for a terrible Prom the year before. Steven made it the most amazing night of my life. (Seriously, I'm pretty sure my senior prom rivaled every other romantic experience we've had yet! haha.) The whole thing was a huge surprise from a red-carpet entrance, a private candle-lit catered dinner, to a private singing-dancing performance at the end of the evening.
The Prom itself was held at the Provo City Library in the main ballroom, and we were in line to get our couple's pictures taken when we heard the song come on. Not wanting to miss the official prom-song dance, we started dancing right there in the picture line, beginning a domino affect as other couples around us joined in. :)

The second song of the night-even more memorable-came after the dance when our group of six couples headed back to Mike Brooks house for ice-cream.
We were all winding down thinking this was the end to a great date when all of a sudden the guys took off their fancy tux shoes and pulled out sneakers from under the couches and chairs in the living room. Whaaaat??!? Then they all handed us their tux jackets and ushered us out into the backyard where there were chairs set up for all the ladies to sit in.
Then music came on and the guys performed a choreographed dance routine! LOL! They had been practicing in secret for weeks!
The dance was hysterical, with all kinds of silly choreography and even solo sections for each of the guys to show off their dance talents. Steven was the last to solo and the 6 other guys formed a big heart with their hands and then Steven did a head-dive-roll through it and landed at my feet like, "Tah dah!"
All of us girls were so stunned and laughing the entire time. It was awesome!!

After the dance stopped the guys all lined up and Spencer Priest pulled a guitar out from behind a tree or somewhere (seriously, no one saw where it came from, he was just suddenly holding a guitar!) and then they SANG us this song. :)

It was SOOOOO romantic!!! I cried a little. haha.
(This was seriously the most magical, the most romantic and the most amazing night of my life)
after they finished singing music came on again and they all walked forward and asked their dates to dance again, and we all danced around the backyard under the stars. :)

*Sigh!* So romantic!!

I'm smiling again just thinking about it. Amazing. :D

I love Steven. :)

So then fast forward ... We didn't really have any other songs that I remember for after high school dating, but when Steven was getting ready to leave on the mission we both fell in love with this song and it helped us get through two long years apart.

I also had a lot of other songs that helped me get through the mission, but there was one I couldn't stop listening to when he was due to get back home. We even used it as the last song in our wedding slideshow (which I might add in here later if I can figure out how!).

Kinda odd because I don't love country, but this song just has the best lyrics for the situation! 

Then we had to choose a wedding song, and I went through a LOT trying to find the right one. We considered using our Prom song, or the other Prom song...but nothing compared once I found this:

Seriously, listen to the lyrics, it's perfect for us. :)

I loved dancing to this song at our wedding reception. I was so completely ridiculously giddy in love. :) Awww....I love it. Whenever it comes on the radio I get all teary. True story. 

***I apologize that this is the sappiest/cheesiest/hammy-est blog post of all time. XD haha.***

So that was our official "first dance" wedding song, but we also planned a second wedding song for our get-away at the end of the reception. This song had pretty recently become popular and we thought it would be really funny to have it playing as we ran off on our wedding night. It still makes me think of our wedding night every time I hear it come on the radio. hahaha! :D 
We had our DJ BLAST it as we ran out of the reception that night. It was awesome. 

Yep! That happened!

Thus began our amazing marriage.
And today, THREE YEARS LATER there are just a couple songs that have also squeezed into our favorite's list.

During a particularly tough time in our marriage I remember hearing this song on the radio while driving home one morning and I knew I had to play it for Steven.
Every couple goes through bad times-it's part of life and it's definitely part of marriage! This song always helps me put things in perspective; reminds me that I'll never give up on my marriage. :)

Isn't it beautiful? I love it.
Ok, last one.
Probably our favorite song as a couple is "Fireflies" by Owl City and I have no idea why. haha!
Whenever we hear it we turn up the radio, grab each others hands and dance in crazy circles around the living room. It just makes us happy. :D

Music is wonderful. Music is the glue of life! Music can help us fall in love, get excited, heal wounds and just be crazy and happy.
So there you have it! The soundtrack to our love. <3 :="" nbsp="" p="">

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