Thursday, May 23, 2013

I got a certificate!

I already talked about this on Facebook, AND it's pretty old news now, but I'm still proud so I'll just make this a quick post.

So....remember that post I wrote about volunteering?

I've been volunteering 2-4 hours every Monday at The Family Support and Treatment Center for almost a year now. I do shifts in their "Crisis Nursery", and play with all the sweet little kids and babies that are brought in. It is the best time-consumer ever. :)

Anywhoo...I must be good at it or have done 100 hours or something, because a few weeks ago the volunteer coordinator, Eric, came into the nursery and presented me with this certificate!
When he walked in the room I had one little girl on my lap and a little boy was braiding my hair, so I couldn't really get up to accept it. haha. But I was really excited! The little girl accepted it for me and said, "Ooo! Shiney!" Perfect wording. ;)

Even though I don't volunteer to get any sort of recognition, it still meant a lot!

(Also, I think the last time I got a certificate for anything was senior year of high school, was kinda a big deal. I might have cried about it when I got home! haha. I needed this. :) )

So....moral of the story, VOLUNTEER! There is something more you could be doing in your community. It can even  be something you love to do anyway, like play with kids. :)

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  1. Hey Rebekah! Ammie here, from the Nursery :) I have been stalking your blog! I love it! I love your stories :) Aaaaannnnddddd.... to reinforce this post.... You are a great volunteer!!!! You are so cute with kids and so dependable! Keep blogging because I love reading this. Call me a stalker because that's what I am!


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