Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Date Night

Due to our hectic work/school/sleep schedules, Steven and I decided to have our romantic Valentine's dinner on February the 15th, which was a Friday and therefore more convenient.

I had been a whiney-whiner-face for about the month prior to this saying how much I wanted to go to Tucanos, even though it was so ridiculously expensive. We'd gone to Tucanos last year for Valentines, and it was a huge hit. I begged and pleaded, but Steven made it very clear that it was simply too expensive for our budget this year. So, after more whining and complaining, I finally gave up and decided that it was really about being together and not about all the meat at Tucanos. ...whatever...It's really just about the meat.

So anyway, Friday finally rolled around and I had pretty much gone from a whiney-whiner-face to a Grumpy-McGrump-face and was pretty certain we were going to end up at IHOP or somewhere. So I wasn't even excited. Not really.

But theeeennnnn.....

Steven told me that I needed to be ready by 5:30 because we were having dinner at 6. Which meant we had to drive somewhere. Somewhere that wasn't super close by. Also, it meant that he probably had reservations. My interest was peaked!

(I DO realize that this entire post makes me sound like I'm a snobby needy rich girl or something. Oh well. I'll  get over it if you think that.)

So I got all dressed up and got into the car.

Here is where it really gets amazing.

Steven and I have a mutual favorite movie. That movie is Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carell.

This movie is amazing. 

We rented it from a Red Box at McDonalds some time after it'd come out, not really knowing what it was but just knowing that we liked Tina Fey. That choice was probably the best choice of our marriage so far, because this movie is the absolute best comedy couple movie of life. If you haven't seen it, and you are married, and you can handle humorous and non-crass uses of the word 'vagina', then you should watch it now.

We loved it. We loved it so much that I bought it for Steven that Christmas, and we have probably watched it 3 times since. (Which is a lot of times for us. We usually don't watch movies more than once every two years or so...) We love it. We quote it all the time.

That being said, it needs to be explained that the plot of "Date Night" revolves around an innocent suburban couple (Tina and Steve) going out to a nice restaurant and not being able to get a table. So, when the waitress comes by calling for a certain party of two and no one responds,Tina and Steve decide to take advantage of the situation and get a table. Little do they know, that the table in question was promised to a really shady couple who they are then mistaken for, and madness and hilarity ensues!

The name on the reservation that they stole was "Tripplehorn".

So....Steven and I are driving to our date destination, and he's heading up the canyon which is the general direction of...TUCANOS. And I'm trying not to get my hopes up while still getting super excited. We're getting closer and closer to The Shops at Riverwoods and he's teasing me saying things like, "So...where do you want to go for dinner?" As if he'd made no plans whatsoever. Then as we're mere blocks away from Tucanos he says, "Well, I suppose we could go to Tucanos, but I bet it's really busy. We probably won't be able to get in..." ... "Unless we steal someone's reservation."

And I'm like, "You didn't" 

And he's like, "Maybe there will be a reservation under 'Tripplehorn' that we can take." 

True story.

Steven made a reservation at Tucanos under "Tripplehorn" for us. 


So we walk into Tucano's and I'm secretly wishing I'd dressed up as Tina Fey, and as we fight our way through the lobby to the desk we both immediately notice that one of the hostesses is in my choir class. Haha! 
Full of confidence we march up and when she asks if we have a reservation I turn to Steven who says, 

"Yes, it's under 'Steven Tripplehorn!'"
"We are the Tripplehorns."
That happened. Real life, we were the Tripplehorns. 

Steven could not have planned a better surprise. I must have had the biggest grin on my face as the waiter led us through the crowd of people waiting. Not only did we get to eat the best food that Brazil has to offer, but we got to play out a scene from our favorite comedy couple's movie. Amazing. 
As always, the food was absolutely divine, and we ate nice and slow so as not to stuff ourselves. 

Somehow Steven tops every year when it comes to Valentine's day. He is my favorite. Just when I think that he dropped the ball he comes up with something so clever, so surprising and so delightfully romantic. 

I love him. And I'd do it all again. ;) 

The End. ...Of this post. ;) 

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  1. I don't know how I never commented on this post before, because it's amazing. I love that he did the Tripplehorn reservation! haha! how clever. also we love that movie as well. Tina Fey (girl crush!) and Steve Carell.. Yes. Just, yes. Oh and it really is all about the meat. Drool.


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