Friday, March 29, 2013

20 Questions

I stole this from my friend's blog because I thought it was cute. :) 
Check her and her husband out @

20 Q's about my spouse! 

1. Full Name: Steven Robert Lindsley

2. How long have you been married? It will be 3 years next month.  

3. How long did you date? We started dating February of our Senior year after the Sweethearts dance, we dated for the 8 months before he left on his mission, wrote during his whole two year mission and dated for one month after he got home before he proposed. We were then engaged for 5 months before getting married. 

4. Who said 'I love you' first? I definitely did. haha. 

5. Who is taller? Steven is! He's about...what?...4 inches taller? At least? 

6. Who sings better? It's a toss up. If you heard Steven sing you'd be surprised why I even try. He has a wonderful rich voice! 

Steven's face right now...
7. Who is smarter? HA! Steven. At least with school, math, language, logic...
But I've got street smarts! And people smarts. I'm good at people. ...???

8. Who does the laundry? We both do. We go to our parents houses every Sunday night to steal their free laundry rooms. (Thanks Moms and Dads!) We are both really good at getting the loads moved over...we just sort of take turns with out planning it? Then we both fold it when we get home. 

9. Who pays the bills? Again, we both do. Steven pays the rent, utilities and car insurance. I pay for gas, groceries, phones and our car repairs. We still have separate bank accounts, so I just transfer money to his when it gets low. 

10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Like when you're laying on it? Steven. He always has and I don't know why. I don't think we ever chose sides or anything, that's just kind of what happened. 

11. Who mows the lawn? We don't have one, but I suspect that if we did I'd probably expect him too. ;) haha. 

12. Who cooks dinner? Me. 

13. Who drives? Again, we take turns. We both really like to drive, and we both really like to criticize each others driving. XD haha. If we're going to his parents house he drives, my parents house-I drive. I also drive him to BYU in the mornings so I can take the car on to UVU. I also drive more often in general just because my job is farther away. 

14. Who is more stubborn? We would both probably say the other person. ;) 

15. Who kissed who first? He'll say I kissed him first, but the TRUTH is that we both leaned in at the same time. I sort of initiated the whole sequence though by kissing him on the cheek first. 

16. Who asked who out first? Short answer: Steven asked me first. 

17. Who proposed? Steven, although again he'll say I was asking for it. ;) 

18. Who has more siblings? I do. I have 5, he has 3. 

19. Who wears the pants? Sometimes I wear Steven's pants....LoL! Ok, I know that's not what this is asking, but AGAIN (wow a lot of these answers are similar) we both do...about different things. ...Hmmm...but mostly Steven. 

20. What is your favorite thing about your spouse?
I admire so many things about Steven, but my absolute most favorite thing about him is how silly he is. :) Steven can make me laugh harder than anyone else I know! He is such a tease, such a flirt, such a lil' devil. >:) I love that he gives me silly nick-names, I love that he tucks me in for naps and snuggles me to wake me up. I love when he annoys me to make me laugh. I love when he bounds around the house and jumps over the furniture just because he can. I love when he plays chase and hide and seek with Missy. I love when he makes fun of Adele. I love his creepy "Salesman" voice. "Sseeeee??" I love all of his silly voices! Batman, "Pea soup"...
I love the silly faces he makes and how he shuts me up by kissing me. haha. 

So there you go. 20 questions about my amazing spouse. :D 


  1. I just love you!! You're always so funny && cleaver! We need to have a date night.... Yes Steve I want to steal your wifey for a few hours one night :)

    1. Ladies niiiiight! Lady, you can steal me anytime!! <3

  2. So... I'm stealing this :D tell your friend thanks for me for passing it to you for me to steal! haha! Also, I creeper stalked her blog (since you linked to it and all...I mean really, how can I not) and she is so cute! Her blog is also cute, and inspired me to redesign mine...again. haha. Okay, I'm done now. :)

  3. One more thing ... the word your blog gave me to confirm that I am not, in fact, a robot, was "manuring." As in... to manure? Really, Lindsley blog robot-finder? Am I so offensive? ;) Alright, done for real....until next time! bwahaha!


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