Friday, March 29, 2013

20 Questions

I stole this from my friend's blog because I thought it was cute. :) 
Check her and her husband out @

20 Q's about my spouse! 

1. Full Name: Steven Robert Lindsley

2. How long have you been married? It will be 3 years next month.  

3. How long did you date? We started dating February of our Senior year after the Sweethearts dance, we dated for the 8 months before he left on his mission, wrote during his whole two year mission and dated for one month after he got home before he proposed. We were then engaged for 5 months before getting married. 

4. Who said 'I love you' first? I definitely did. haha. 

5. Who is taller? Steven is! He's about...what?...4 inches taller? At least? 

6. Who sings better? It's a toss up. If you heard Steven sing you'd be surprised why I even try. He has a wonderful rich voice! 

Steven's face right now...
7. Who is smarter? HA! Steven. At least with school, math, language, logic...
But I've got street smarts! And people smarts. I'm good at people. ...???

8. Who does the laundry? We both do. We go to our parents houses every Sunday night to steal their free laundry rooms. (Thanks Moms and Dads!) We are both really good at getting the loads moved over...we just sort of take turns with out planning it? Then we both fold it when we get home. 

9. Who pays the bills? Again, we both do. Steven pays the rent, utilities and car insurance. I pay for gas, groceries, phones and our car repairs. We still have separate bank accounts, so I just transfer money to his when it gets low. 

10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Like when you're laying on it? Steven. He always has and I don't know why. I don't think we ever chose sides or anything, that's just kind of what happened. 

11. Who mows the lawn? We don't have one, but I suspect that if we did I'd probably expect him too. ;) haha. 

12. Who cooks dinner? Me. 

13. Who drives? Again, we take turns. We both really like to drive, and we both really like to criticize each others driving. XD haha. If we're going to his parents house he drives, my parents house-I drive. I also drive him to BYU in the mornings so I can take the car on to UVU. I also drive more often in general just because my job is farther away. 

14. Who is more stubborn? We would both probably say the other person. ;) 

15. Who kissed who first? He'll say I kissed him first, but the TRUTH is that we both leaned in at the same time. I sort of initiated the whole sequence though by kissing him on the cheek first. 

16. Who asked who out first? Short answer: Steven asked me first. 

17. Who proposed? Steven, although again he'll say I was asking for it. ;) 

18. Who has more siblings? I do. I have 5, he has 3. 

19. Who wears the pants? Sometimes I wear Steven's pants....LoL! Ok, I know that's not what this is asking, but AGAIN (wow a lot of these answers are similar) we both do...about different things. ...Hmmm...but mostly Steven. 

20. What is your favorite thing about your spouse?
I admire so many things about Steven, but my absolute most favorite thing about him is how silly he is. :) Steven can make me laugh harder than anyone else I know! He is such a tease, such a flirt, such a lil' devil. >:) I love that he gives me silly nick-names, I love that he tucks me in for naps and snuggles me to wake me up. I love when he annoys me to make me laugh. I love when he bounds around the house and jumps over the furniture just because he can. I love when he plays chase and hide and seek with Missy. I love when he makes fun of Adele. I love his creepy "Salesman" voice. "Sseeeee??" I love all of his silly voices! Batman, "Pea soup"...
I love the silly faces he makes and how he shuts me up by kissing me. haha. 

So there you go. 20 questions about my amazing spouse. :D 

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Sometimes I have nightmares.

I didn't used a kid I don't remember ever even having bad dreams. The closest "bad dreams" I ever had were sometimes dreams about being chased and I couldn't run away. That was the only "bad" theme. Not being able to run. Not being able to fight back. Not being big enough, or strong enough. The farthest back I remember those would be in middle school.

Those dreams were bad, and sometimes I still have them, but now I also truly have nightmares.

I don't know when they started exactly. Last year? Before? ...??? I don't know.
Now I have dreams where people I love are dying. Or that they've already died in some sort of horrible accident. And I have car accident dreams. Those are probably the most common. Apparently I have a deep rooted fear of dying in a car accident, because I frequently have dreams where I'm driving off a bridge or rolling my vehicle.
I often wake up screaming, crying or sweating in fear.

Today my nightmares took a whole different turn.
I dreamed that I was trapped in a huge house. There seemed to be an endless number of rooms, but none of the doors were an exit. At first I was alone, and the loneliness itself was frightening enough, but then I wasn't alone. And it was worse. Suddenly a creepy little girl kept appearing everywhere. Standing in the doorways, and then just behind me. Just standing there staring at me.

Kinda like this:
This, except even younger and even creepier...if that's possible. 
So I would try to run away, but she kept finding me. 

And you know when you have those "Inception" style-like dreams where in the dream you wake up? And you could swear you are really awake? So yeah...that happened. I woke up in the dream, and I was at home, in my bed. Only then I rolled over to go back to sleep, and in bed next to me was a creepy old lady, just lying there staring. Talk about freaking creepy!!! So I was obviously still asleep.

Usually when I have nightmares I will try to wake myself up by screaming for help. And inevitably it becomes like my running dreams, where no matter how hard I try I can't do anything. I try and try to scream and yell but I can't make the sounds. It's like sleep suffocation. It's terrible. 

So at this point in the dream is when I began to start trying to scream. I knew if I could just yell I would wake myself up. So now I was back in the dream, trapped in this mansion with not one, but two creepy dead people. 

And then it got worse. 

Then there were more of them. 

And they didn't have eyes anymore. 

***I do realize we will probably not be friends once you've read this, because you will be so creeped out by my subconscious.***

They didn't have eyes, just gaping eye sockets. And they were all staring at me. Staring with their gaping eye sockets. Lots of them. Lots of creepy little children and one old lady. 

It. was. terrifying. 

So now I was really trying to scream-wake. I knew it was a dream, and I knew if I screamed loud enough I would wake myself up. But it seemed that the harder I tried the harder it was! A few times I would almost wake up, and then the creepy dead children would suck me back into the dream. 

When Steven is in bed with me, I can usually stop the nightmare by reaching out and feeling him there beside me. Other times he will hear me making noises or feel me thrashing and reach out and wake me. 
Unfortunately, today I was sleeping during the day and Steven wasn't beside me. 

What I didn't know is that he was actually home and in the other room doing homework. He told me after I'd woken up that he'd heard me moaning and sleep talking several times, but then it would stop so he figured he wouldn't disturb me; that I must have gone back to sleep.

That was when they were pulling me in!!! 

So anyway, this is an anti-climactic story because eventually I did just wake myself up somehow. 
But there you have it. I have nightmares. I have creepy weird nightmares about people with no eyes.

I don't know why I felt compelled to share this other than to hopefully gain some sympathy and maybe make you feel less guilty about your weird dreams. haha.

Anyone else have nightmares? DO share! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Date Night

Due to our hectic work/school/sleep schedules, Steven and I decided to have our romantic Valentine's dinner on February the 15th, which was a Friday and therefore more convenient.

I had been a whiney-whiner-face for about the month prior to this saying how much I wanted to go to Tucanos, even though it was so ridiculously expensive. We'd gone to Tucanos last year for Valentines, and it was a huge hit. I begged and pleaded, but Steven made it very clear that it was simply too expensive for our budget this year. So, after more whining and complaining, I finally gave up and decided that it was really about being together and not about all the meat at Tucanos. ...whatever...It's really just about the meat.

So anyway, Friday finally rolled around and I had pretty much gone from a whiney-whiner-face to a Grumpy-McGrump-face and was pretty certain we were going to end up at IHOP or somewhere. So I wasn't even excited. Not really.

But theeeennnnn.....

Steven told me that I needed to be ready by 5:30 because we were having dinner at 6. Which meant we had to drive somewhere. Somewhere that wasn't super close by. Also, it meant that he probably had reservations. My interest was peaked!

(I DO realize that this entire post makes me sound like I'm a snobby needy rich girl or something. Oh well. I'll  get over it if you think that.)

So I got all dressed up and got into the car.

Here is where it really gets amazing.

Steven and I have a mutual favorite movie. That movie is Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carell.

This movie is amazing. 

We rented it from a Red Box at McDonalds some time after it'd come out, not really knowing what it was but just knowing that we liked Tina Fey. That choice was probably the best choice of our marriage so far, because this movie is the absolute best comedy couple movie of life. If you haven't seen it, and you are married, and you can handle humorous and non-crass uses of the word 'vagina', then you should watch it now.

We loved it. We loved it so much that I bought it for Steven that Christmas, and we have probably watched it 3 times since. (Which is a lot of times for us. We usually don't watch movies more than once every two years or so...) We love it. We quote it all the time.

That being said, it needs to be explained that the plot of "Date Night" revolves around an innocent suburban couple (Tina and Steve) going out to a nice restaurant and not being able to get a table. So, when the waitress comes by calling for a certain party of two and no one responds,Tina and Steve decide to take advantage of the situation and get a table. Little do they know, that the table in question was promised to a really shady couple who they are then mistaken for, and madness and hilarity ensues!

The name on the reservation that they stole was "Tripplehorn".

So....Steven and I are driving to our date destination, and he's heading up the canyon which is the general direction of...TUCANOS. And I'm trying not to get my hopes up while still getting super excited. We're getting closer and closer to The Shops at Riverwoods and he's teasing me saying things like, "So...where do you want to go for dinner?" As if he'd made no plans whatsoever. Then as we're mere blocks away from Tucanos he says, "Well, I suppose we could go to Tucanos, but I bet it's really busy. We probably won't be able to get in..." ... "Unless we steal someone's reservation."

And I'm like, "You didn't" 

And he's like, "Maybe there will be a reservation under 'Tripplehorn' that we can take." 

True story.

Steven made a reservation at Tucanos under "Tripplehorn" for us. 


So we walk into Tucano's and I'm secretly wishing I'd dressed up as Tina Fey, and as we fight our way through the lobby to the desk we both immediately notice that one of the hostesses is in my choir class. Haha! 
Full of confidence we march up and when she asks if we have a reservation I turn to Steven who says, 

"Yes, it's under 'Steven Tripplehorn!'"
"We are the Tripplehorns."
That happened. Real life, we were the Tripplehorns. 

Steven could not have planned a better surprise. I must have had the biggest grin on my face as the waiter led us through the crowd of people waiting. Not only did we get to eat the best food that Brazil has to offer, but we got to play out a scene from our favorite comedy couple's movie. Amazing. 
As always, the food was absolutely divine, and we ate nice and slow so as not to stuff ourselves. 

Somehow Steven tops every year when it comes to Valentine's day. He is my favorite. Just when I think that he dropped the ball he comes up with something so clever, so surprising and so delightfully romantic. 

I love him. And I'd do it all again. ;) 

The End. ...Of this post. ;) 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February 14th, 2008.

Despite the popularity of February the 14th to be about hearts and flowers, this is no going to be a Valentine's post.

This post is about AMDA.

I didn't have a blog until long after I'd moved back from New York City, and I realize that I haven't talked about it much. I didn't even have a Facebook yet when I moved out there, so none of what I'm about to talk about has ever been publicly shared.


On February the 14th 2008, at the age of 18, I boarded a plane with one suitcase, one carry-on, and $317.00 dollars cash. I was leaving my hometown of Springville, UT and moving myself-all alone-to New York City to begin a brand new life and live my dream. I was one of only two applicants from the state of Utah to be accepted to The American Musical and Dramatic Academy's New York Campus that semester. I had worked three jobs since graduating from high school in May of 2007 to be able to afford the move, and the cash I had with me was all that was left of my earnings. I had empty pockets and full dreams.

I was glad that orientation began on the 14th, because it was the first Valentine's Day I was spending away from Steven, who had left on his mission 3 months earlier. I took a red eye flight out of Salt Lake City, and remember thinking that I honestly didn't know when I'd see my family again. I also assumed that I might never live in Utah again. The plan was to graduate from AMDA, get on Broadway, get insanely rich, get Steven through college, get married and then retire and go back to get a University education to become a choir teacher.

*Skipping ahead 5 years, we all know that virtually none of the above happened. I ended up dropping out of AMDA after just one semester for two big reasons, both financial and personal. I was then homeless for two months and slept on a couch at my friend's apartment. My parents offered to pay for the plane ticket to fly me home, but after living on my own in New York City I knew I never wanted to live with my parents again.  I applied for all kinds of jobs to try and stay in the city and eventually landed the most amazing gig as a live-in nanny, which could deserve a hundred posts of it's own. It was an amazing blessing in so many ways and has affected my life to this day.

Even though my time at AMDA was relatively short lived, I can't begin to tell about how it has affected my life. Every February the 14th I remember the sunrise over the skyline of New York as the red-eye flight began it's descent into JFK. I remember how I cried seeing the city out the window as Hercules, "I Can Go the Distance" played in my head. I remember pulling my duct-taped red-leather grandma luggage through the terminal and praying that I would recognize my sister-in-law's mother who was picking me up. I remember the drive into the city and how my eyes were probably bugging out of my head as I tried to see everything all at once. How, as we neared my "dorm" on 71st street I saw Regis Philbin casually walking down the sidewalk with a bouquet for Kelly. I'll never forget meeting my roommates, Michelle Zwalua and Karina Davila. I'll never forget the insane whirl-wind that was orientation; paying for books (another $159.00 gone instantly), filling out forms for a loan, getting my student ID card, meeting my orientation group, finding out that the dorms were completely co-ed and that my RA was a gay black man. Thinking over and over that I wasn't in Utah anymore and it felt amazing to be so free. I could be whoever I wanted to be. I could be myself.

I miss New York so much. I miss the amazing friends that I made. Friends that feel like family. Friends that, although I knew them so much shorter than many of my friends here, I feel so close to. There were only about 60 students in our entire semester, and all of us were split into groups. Your group was your team. You all attended the same classes. Our group was C1, and there were 18 of us. Those 18 people...I can't even begin to explain how much I love them. My heart is full when I think of them.  Only we will ever understand the weirdness that was AMDA. Only we will understand having jazz, tap, ballet and theater dance classes 5 days a week. Floor barre, Kara's insane vocal coaching "FEEL EACH OTHER'S VIBRATIONS!", doing "One" a million and one times, the sweaty smell of the floor, the lost and found shoe boxes that we all stole shoes from when we forgot ours at final demos (ok, maybe that was just me...who stole my character shoes??!? I never found them), tapings with Steven Silverstien, Regina O'Malley making us all feel terrible about ourselves-but making us better. Only C1's will remember Justin singing "After School Special" and Frankie's nerd voice. Only we will remember Ariel belting out, "That's What He Said" and Karina pointing "There".

Probably the only pictures in existence of me wearing my leotard...

I realize that this blog post won't be nearly as interesting to those of you who weren't at AMDA, but I don't care. I'm writing this for me. I'm writing this for them. I hope that no matter how many years pass, be it 15 or 50, that we will still remember. That we'll remember being so full of dreams. That we will remember that exuberant freedom of the big city. I hope that we'll still fondly think about Lisa's acting class and me and Camille doing that amazing lesbian scene. haha. I hope we'll remember how hard Casey made us work in theater dance, and that we'll work that hard at everything we do. No matter where we go or where we end up in life, I hope we'll never forget being 18, 19 and 20 and feeling invincible.

There are hundreds of memories I could write about AMDA. There are so many things I could say about how wonderful it was, and how much fun I had. I guess the best way to end this post would be to say that I'm grateful. I'm grateful that five years ago I boarded a plane headed for my own special adventure. Even though that adventure took me all kinds of different ways than I anticipated, I will always be grateful that I had such an amazing experience, and most grateful of all for the people I met that have changed me "For Good."

(Come on, it's a Broadway school! Had to end it with a song lyric!)

"C Ooooooonne!" *Salute*

I'm the head poking out and waving from the long black hair on the right side. haha. :) Love this. Love them.
My AMDA Pandas.