Saturday, February 23, 2013

Monster Car.

In many ways our 1998 Hyundai Sonata has become the monster of our life.

In one way, it is like a Ghost car. It is so often in the shop that we often wonder, "Do we even own a car?"

For another it could be considered a FrankenCar: with so many of it's original parts falling off and being replaced with "newer" ones. Some days it seems like it's just held together with twist-ties and prayers.

Our car is like a Vampire, only is sucks away our money instead of our blood. We've pretty much re-bought it three times through the cost of repairs.

But of all the monsters, our car is mostly a Zombie Car. This car has come back from the dead so many times! I guess we should be grateful for that.

Boo. Zombie car.
Here is a gross picture.
That's all. Car troubles are not our favorite.

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