Saturday, January 12, 2013


Lets all take a moment to be grateful that the world didn't explode via the Mayan prediction.


To ring in the NEW YEAR, Steven and I took our third trip up to Salt Lake city this month, and stayed at the downtown Residence Inn. 
I forgot to bring my camera, so get read for a lot of internet pictures.

Our plan for the evening was to check into our hotel, have dinner at Settebellos Italian Pizzeria, walk down to the Gateway and shop around, and then watch the fireworks at midnight before returning to our hotel for snacks and TV movies.

So, after arriving at the Residence and setting up "house" in its delightful room, we bundled up in our winter finest and headed around the corner to Settabellos. Part of the genius of our plan was that we wouldn't have to drive anywhere because our hotel was walking distance to everything. However, what we DIDN'T anticipate was that the weather was going to be the coldest most nose-biting freeze of all time.

Despite our excessive layering of clothing the couple block walk to the restaurant was excruciating!
Fortunately once we arrived that had our table ready to go and we were seated immediately.
I had been raving to Steven about Settabellos since Whitney introduced it to me over sister's weekend during the summer. I couldn't wait for Steven to taste the authentic Italian oven-baked pizzas!

We were not disappointed! It's worth the wait for their food. Wow wow WOW.
I had this pizza, the Emilia! YUM!!!

This place is amazing!! We highly recommend it! 
Because they fire up every individual pizza in their big brick oven it is quite a wait. We had lots of time to sit and talk and enjoy each others company. Dinner lasted about an hour, during which we both admitted we really weren't looking forward to going back out and walking around in the cold. There was nothing we wanted to buy in Salt Lake, there were no parties we wanted to crash...what we were both secretly most looking forward to was the time spent snuggled up in our hotel room. haha. So following our pizza and Strawberry gelato we trotted straight back to our warm comfy hotel.
It was only about 9:30 when we got back, and I was already tired enough to go to sleep. I'd worked the night before and only slept about two hours during the day. But it was New Years and we were both determined to stay up until midnight and watch the fireworks. So we turned to our favorite hotel activity of channel surfing. We don't have TV, so we get really excited by it. haha. :)
We shortly discovered an amazing show called, "Pawn Stars" and may or may not have watched back to  back episodes for the next several hours. We are awesome at celebrating the New Year. 

We also watched "Gulliver's Travels". 
This was a weird movie. 
Finally we had made it to midnight, and we opened the curtains to watch the sky for fireworks. The nightstand clock clicked onto 12:00am and suddenly the sky was full of lights! The downtown fireworks were exploding right in our view out the window! 

It was marvelous! We were able to be all snuggled up in bed together and watch the fireworks blast in the New Year of 2013! We then broke out the cheeseball, crackers and chocolate that we'd brought and toasted in the new year with Cranberry Martinelli's! 

Although our celebration was somewhat less extravagant than last year, it was oddly romantic and still just as wonderful just to spend time together. We are excited for all that 2013 will bring into our lives including...
Steven doing a 6-week study abroad in Wales,
Steven graduating from Brigham Young University, 
and Rebekah still doing school? (I have nothing exciting on the horizon.) 

Happy New Year! 

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