Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lindsley Family Newsletter 2012

This year was a year of changes. Rebekah transferred to a different college, Steven got hired at two new jobs, Missy got spayed, and Claymore decided to spend most of his time in a new corner of the turtle tank. So many changes!
In February Rebekah attended a Martin Luther King day walk at BYU and helped to put out her friend Eva’s “hair-fire” after the symbolic candles got a little too close.
Even more notable in February, Rebekah discovered Pinterest and began a crafting rampage. We also bought a new vacuum because we live wild like that.
Pinterest furthered Rebekah’s desire to host a party for every possible event, so in March we had ten friends over for a St. Patrick’s Day event. We ate a lot of ham, drank a lot of non-alcoholic beverages…played games with a lot of potatoes. We’re so Irish.
Also in March, Rebekah had a “sister-wives” sleep-over with the two other Lindsley brother’s wives, and went to the Hare Krishna “Color-fest” in Spanish Fork.
April was by far the most eventful with Rebekah’s 23rd birthday (shared with not one but TWO in-law siblings and a coworker…), and our second wedding anniversary. For our anniversary we took a trip to Washington DC where we toured the International Spy Museum, the Smithsonian and the National Archives. We loved Washington DC! It was amazing to learn more about our Nation’s history and to see some of the memorials and monuments that are so symbolic to our country.
The trip ended and May began with a visit to Virginia to see Rebekah’s best friend Xanthe and her new baby girl Zara. We were able to be there to celebrate Xanthe’s 23rdbirthday and spend lots of time holding her sweet new baby.
Steven and I both took a break from school for the entire summer and enjoyed the Springville Art City Days carnival and fireworks in June, and attended a “Murder Mystery Party” hosted by our good friend Austin.  
July had its ups and downs starting with a rousing Fourth of July quickly followed by our car dying and having to pay almost more than it’s worth to rebuild the transmission. If anybody wants to buy us a working car that would be great.
July also brought our five year high school reunion which we were unable to attend because of a Jenson family reunion in California. No big loss considering we’d pick Disneyland over a badly-planned picnic any day. Still, five years? It doesn't really seem like it’s been that long since we were falling in love between our classes at Springville High School.  
The Jenson family reunion was a blast; a weekend in California with all of Rebekah’s immediate family hanging out at Disneyland and the beach. It was nice to have that little break before August which sent us back to school again, this time with Rebekah attending her first semester at Utah Valley University.
Even with school we both found time to work two jobs; Steven at the BYU Print and Mail shop and also doing phonetic transcribing for VoxFrontera, and Rebekah still at the Provo Fairfield Inn and managing an off-campus unit for BYU.   In between school, work and sleep Rebekah decided to also take on a couple hours volunteering every Monday in a children’s crisis nursery in Orem.
September was a great month marked by Rebekah getting a generous raise at the Fairfield, and Steven having an early 24th birthday party with lots of friends. In October we celebrated Steven’s real birthday and decorated our house to host a huge Halloween party with family and friends.
November was pretty calm until Thanksgiving which we split between our two families and Rebekah helped host a baby shower for her not one, not two, but THREE pregnant sisters. Now it’s December and the year is coming to a close. We finished off our respective semesters with finals and juries and are looking forward to a few trips up to Salt Lake City during the break. We have been blessed with so many opportunities to see family and friends this year, and granted the world doesn't explode we look forward to seeing even more of you in the coming year.
Wishing you true joy and happiness this Holiday Season,

Steven and Rebekah Lindsley
Missy the Cat
Claymore the Turtle

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