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Christmas 2012

Who doesn't love Christmas?

Answer: Atheists...?

Anyway, we are Christian so...YAY CHRISTMAS!!!

Reason #523 why marrying your high school sweet heart is the best: 
You don't have to split up the Holidays. 

Christmas Eve is a big deal in Rebekah's family. There is a set schedule of events consisting of a family talent show, a reenactment of the Nativity, a reading of "The Night Before Christmas" and the singing of "Silent Night". Of course the best part of any holiday is having family together, and unfortunately this year we missed out on two of the extended families. It was Rebekah's oldest sister Jennifer's year to stay in CA with her husbands family, and Rebekah's only brother, Daniel, and his family have decided to no longer travel for Christmas. They prefer the stress-free version in their own home in CO. Pity for us!
But luckily for us, two sets of in-laws joined the Jenson household for Christmas Eve; Steven's parents and sister Sarah, and Rebekah's sister Jessica's husband Miles' parents.
We're pretty glad Jessica also married a Utah boy so that she can always be home for the Holidays with us.

There were so many people in attendance that there had to be two tables. The smaller one was named the "Under 30" table and had Steven and I, Jess and Miles and Sarah and Melissa.

Jenson traditional Christmas dinner is clam chowder, cheese-balls and crackers, pickles and olives, Strawberry Bavarian (I made it this year and it was YUM!), and cranberry punch.

I didn't take pictures of any of this part so...sorry about that.
Here are some internet images of food.
Strawberry bovarian...

Cranberry Punch...

Clam Chowder...

So anyway, after dinner we cleaned up and jumped right into the annual family talent show. I can't say it was the best talent show yet, because none of us really took the time to prepare anything. Every talent was kind of on-the-fly, which was fun, but not as entertaining as when people actually put a lot of thought into it. 
The best talents, I would say, were Jessica's and Melissa's. Jessica wrote an arrangement of silent night for piano and violin and had me help her present it. I felt bad that I messed up a little, but it was a beautiful song.
Melissa accompanied herself on guitar while singing, "Red" by Taylor Swift. I hadn't heard that song more than once before, but I like her version a lot. She is very talented! 

Per my Grandma Jenson's request I played a couple Christmas tunes on the old family accordion (did ANYONE get pictures this year??) and then played a piano piece which I had only practiced once and it didn't go over so well. Oh well. 

Steven declined to do anything this year. 

Another favorite moment of the talent portion was my Grandma telling the story of her romance blossoming with my Grandpa Jenson. My Grandpa passed away about 4 years ago after losing his life to Alzheimer's. 
She told about how they had met and fell in love and it was very sweet. 

After the talent show it was time for the Nativity! Reinacting the Nativity story has been a tradition in my family since the beginning. Every year all of the kids and relatives dress up in costumes and act it out while a Grandparent or parent reads the accompanying scriptural text. 

This year my father in law, David Lindsley, brought a bunch of awesome props and costumes for everyone to use! He is an artist and does a lot of paintings for the LDS church, so he had a lot of great things to bring. 
He even had wigs! 

The cast this year was as follows: 

Mary and Joseph were played by Jessica and Miles. (Jessica fit the role well, being "great with child">Due in mid-February!)
Baby Jesus was played by a baby doll that Dad Lindsley also brought!

The 3 Wise-people were Mom and Dad Lindsley and Melissa,
Melissa's wise-person was really into the arts. 

The Shepherds were Dad Jenson and Miles's Dad,
Wigs provided by Dad Lindsley! Hahaha. 

The donkey and the sheep were played by Steven and Sarah

and I was the angel of the Lord. 
Hoop-skirt provided by Mom's magical closet of mysteries! 
Admittedly our Nativity is always a little more goofy than it is spiritual, especially with no little kids around to try and teach. However, I am grateful for this family tradition that makes at least one aspect of our Christmas Eve celebrate around the savior and remind us all of the reason for the season. It's one of my favorite traditions. :) 

Christmas Eve we spent sleeping in our own beds in Provo because I had to be up bright and early for work at 7am. Steven won the award for best husband ever by waking up with me at 6am so we could open our stockings and presents together. I then worked the first 4 hours of Christmas day, and it was the longest and most boring 4 hours of my life. 
Then it was home again to take a shower, grab Steven and drive over to Springville for presents with the Jensons.  This was the first year of a siblings gift-exchange with the married Jenson siblings, and Jess and Miles had drawn our name! So fun! 

After presents and lunch with the Jenson group we head over to Mapleton for Christmas afternoon and evening with  the Lindsley family. :)

Everyone is excited! ...except Ryan. Ryan, why you no like Christmas?? XD 

That wonderful moment when you get to open your stocking! 

I love that my in-laws fill a stocking for me. :)
Just another kind gesture that makes me feel a part of their family!
I love being a Lindsley! 
Stocking presents!

We all got head lamps!! AWESOME! 
After stockings we did our sibling-secret-Santa. In the Lindsley family we all draw names for individuals, not couples. On Christmas day we randomly pick who starts, and they give the first gift. Then whoever had them gives them their gift, and so on until all the secrets have been revealed! I'm super glad we all still live so close together so that we can do this for Christmas. :)

Steven had Sarah and got her a bunch of kitchen and art supplies! 

Michelle had me, and got me movies and treats! 


"Who loves Christmas???!?"


Happy Christmas siblings!! 
After secret Santa it was time to open lots and LOTS of presents from Mom and Dad and Gucy (Steven's Grandma). We hit the present mother-load!! Wow we are loved. :) 

After presents we just had time to eat a delicious Christmas dinner before we had to take off back to Provo for me, Rebekah, to nap. I had to work the Audit shift that night. :( 

We wish that Christmas had lasted much much longer, and already can't wait for next year! 
Thanks to everyone for your gifts. Thank you for the gift of time spent together. :) We love you. 

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