Friday, December 14, 2012


Thanksgiving 2012. A post in pictures.

Lindsley Family Thanksgiving happened on Wednesday evening.
Beautiful table, delicious food; we missed Richie and Whitney. :(
We love having ALL of the siblings together all the time!

Also Wednesday, the double baby shower for my two sisters.
Noah's Ark themed because the babies were coming two by two!

Unbelievable Noah's Ark cake hand-made by my sister Jessica Neal and her best friend Ashley!

My THREE pregnant sisters! The shower was for my two biological sisters,
Jennifer and Jessica, since they both already knew what they were having.
My brother's wife Michelle is also expecting,
and they just found out they are having
A GIRL!!! :) 

Jessica is due first. Her baby boy is arriving in February! 
We decided this shower was the perfect oppurtunity
to make fun of Awkward family pregnancy photos.

Seriously, HOW do people think these pictures
look good??!? haha. "So big, so big"

My oldest sister, Jennifer, is due with her 3rd
baby boy in March! 
Thursday, Thanksgiving day, was spent at the Jenson's residence, and I didn't take any pictures. 
We ate lots of food, we played frisbee in the park for about an hour, Carter got clonked in the face with a frisbee and cut his lip open, we watched "Miracle on 34th Street" (A Jenson Thanksgiving tradition!) and ate way too much pie. :) I also worked that night. 

The next night we headed up to SLC to celebrate Matthew's 30th birthday before everyone headed back to CA and CO.

This is the only good picture I took that night.
Yay for Jess and Miles being so attractive. ;) 
I have a lot to be Thankful for in my life. My husband is pretty rad, my family is awesome and I have the best cat ever. ;)

I'm also Thankful for: Our crappy car, our cheap apartment where we can live together alone in peace and harmony and decorate however we want and stay up late and eat whatever we want. I'm grateful that we still live close enough to both sets of parents that we can see them pretty much whenever we want. I'm also glad they let us use their laundry machines for free. We've probably saved hundreds of dollars. Thanks moms! 
I am grateful that Steven and I are uncommonly healthy and have no allergies. I am grateful that we both have two jobs. Oh wait, that's right, Steven now has THREE. We are job hoarders. :D 
I am grateful for my many many many wonderful friends. I am grateful for all of Steven's wonderful friends. I am grateful that we have so many mutual friends. I am grateful that I can go to college and have a chance at a better life for me and whatever kids may someday come to us. I am grateful for effective birth control so that we can have kids when we are financially, spiritually and emotionally ready. I am grateful for our church. I am grateful for an open-minded personality that allows me to see other people's point of view and helps me to be loving and open to others. 

I am grateful for blog readers that just let me go off about what I am grateful for until it gets really sappy. ;) Haha. So that was our Thanksgiving. Woohoo!

Yep, still the best "welcome-to-the-Christmas-season" movie ever. :) 

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