Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it!

December 21st 2012 was supposed to be the end of the world, so to make the most of our last weekend on earth, Steven and I planned a little holiday getaway to Salt Lake City.

Marriott gives all of their employees a Christmas gift each year by giving us a bonus discount on hotels. We get half off our regular 40% discount! This meant that we were able to get two rooms at the Downtown Courtyard for just $19.50 a piece! We got the second room for a few of our friends who also wanted a night out, and then kept the King-sized room for ourselves. ;)

I love my job! 

We started out the evening by meeting up with our friends at The Pie Pizzeria by USU. If you like pizza, THIS. IS. THE. PLACE. Seriously. Go there. The only downside to this visit is that we got their later than them and they had already ordered and didn't get us a meat-lovers. Steven and I are meatys. We don't really ever eat any other kind of pizza. haha. Yum. 

Whoever it was that introduced us to this place, THANK YOU. 

This is what I'm talkin' about! 

After dinner we headed to the hotel to check in, and then it became a choose your own adventure type of night. Austin, Shebby and Julianne decided to go hot tubbing, and Steven and I drove a few blocks over to the Gateway and saw Wreck-it Ralph! 
It was such a fun way to spend the night. The theater was practically empty, so we had first choice on seats! 
Before going into the movie we took advantage of some photo-ops in the hallway. 


Say what you may, but we both really loved The Hobbit! 

I am excited about this movie. Also, please note my amazing hat. 
Wreck-it Ralph was the perfect movie for us to enjoy our evening with. So cute, so funny, so sweet...we loved it! Because the crowd in the theater was so small we were able to stretch out, put our feet up and comment between ourselves the whole movie with out disturbing anyone. I LOVE seeing movies in movie theaters with the big screen, but I love it even more when it feels like a private viewing. :) 

We loved Wreck-it Ralph! It was a fantastic family movie and will probably be added to our shelves when it comes out on video. We would recommend it to everyone! 

The movie got our around 12:30, and much to our relief nothing in the world had ended when we walked out of the theater. It was a beautiful and peaceful Christmas evening. :) 

In the morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast from the on-site breakfast Bistro. Even though it wasn't free, it was great to have the convenience of a nice breakfast right there in the lobby. Plus, when you're only spending $20.00 on a hotel room you can afford to have a little breakfast. ;) 

Our friends had already checked out and headed off for some shopping and exploring at City Creek Center. We packed up and headed that way as well and even ran into them as we shopped. It was a surprisingly pleasant day, with temperatures in the high 40's! The weather was beautiful and the mall is exquisite. Steven had never been, so we enjoyed ogling all the shops. 

The City Creek Center mall is BEAUTIFUL. 
Most of the mall is clothing stores, many of which are really high-end and too expensive for us! But I just love the atmosphere of the whole thing. Plus it was a SUPER busy shopping day, and that can be exciting as well. Something about all of the crowds of happy people, the Christmas music playing over the loud-speakers...Ah. I love it. :) 
We only bought ended up buying things at Deseret Book and The Chocolate Factory, but we poked our heads into Tiffany's to peek at all of their sparklies. :D 
Did I mention I own a set of Tiffany's crystal candlesticks? That's right, be jealous.
The nanny family gave us a set of these for our wedding. 
We finished up our shopping and headed back on the road home. It was a wonderful weekend, a great shopping day, and a good way to celebrate the world NOT ending. ;) We are glad we are still here and that we get to celebrate Christmas! Woohoo!

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