Saturday, November 17, 2012

Halloween 2012

We. Love. Halloween.

Steven and I look forward to Halloween more than probably any other Holiday. We are Halloween fanatics!
We started decorating right after we took down his birthday decorations, beginning a month-long process of giving the apartment a Halloween make-over. I was Halloween crazy! I spent hours combing over Halloween blogs and boards on Pinterest. I went to the Halloween City store so often that they knew me when I walked in and finally exclaimed towards the end of the month, "What else could you possibly NEED?!??"

We had broomsticks, we had witch hats, we had spiderwebs, we had creepy cloth, we bought a fog machine, we had candles galore and skeletons and ghouls hanging all over the house.

I took a couple hours one night and stuffed a pair of my clothes with newspaper to make a life-sized body/person. We propped it up in a chair in the office and bought a creepy doll face mask for the head. I had used a hoodie for the top part, and we used a balloon in the hood to give the head a life-like look. I didn't have to use anything for hands because I could just use the sleeves in the pockets. It looked super creepy! :D (I realize now that we didn't take any pictures of this creation, which is a huge pity.)

Here is the mask we used. Imagine this peeking at you from inside a hood. 
I perused the local thrift store and found a great lantern and several candle holder and bottles to spray paint as decorations. Also I bought several yards of old lace and other fabric to use for my costume for about 2 dollars.

Steven had decided that he wanted to be an authentic medieval-era person for Halloween so he could show off his new sword, mentioned here. He also commissioned his mom to help him make him an authentic head-cape thing. (This is why Steven should write posts. I don't know what anything is called. haha.)

I wanted to be something traditionally "Halloweenish". I had been picturing a skeleton costume complete with some sort of dramatic body painting, but when I started looking for skeleton body suits I discovered that the only female skeleton suits in existence gave you one of two options: Slutty skeleton (What does that even mean?) or Skeletoon (Cartoon bones with no real proportions).  So I began to modify my costume choice. It morphed from skeleton to ghost, from ghost to zombie, from zombie to some-sort-of-dead-person-ghoul, which is what I ultimately ended up being.

Someone please explain to me how this even  remotely
applies as a skeleton costume.
That's right, it doesn't. 
The only definitive costume choice I ended up having was that I wanted to be Victorian Era. However, any buy-able costumes from a Victorian period were easily hundreds of dollars. So...I commissioned my AMAZINGLY crafty friend Alana to help me make a Halloween costume out of an old choir dress. FREEEEEE!!! :D Thanks Singers!

We had decided early on that we wanted to host our first ever Halloween party, and I was obsessively determined to make it the best Halloween party OF. ALL. TIME.

To make a longer story much shorter, although my perfectionist vision for the party wasn't totally realized, most of the things that were supposed to happen worked out, and our guests showed up (THANK YOU) and had a great time. :)

As guests arrived they were greeted by 4 grinning jack-o-lanterns, and then as they descended down into our apartment (we're in a garden-level view) they were swiped in the face with hanging cobwebs and surrounded by swirling fog. The treat table had bug-filled jello, a yellow/green witches brew, pumpkin cheeseballs with assorted crackers, deviled egg "eye-balls", banana bread, brownies with cream-cheese frosting and about 100 home-made mini-peanut butter cups! My specialty. ;)

As guests were arriving the first activity was a Halloween Ispy. Hidden around the apartment were all kinds of spooky objects for them to find. Rats, mice, witches brooms and hats, a crystal ball....anything we could think of to hide. :)

After everyone arrived and had gotten something to eat we began the main games which kicked off with Halloween Mad-Libs, written by Steven. Then we did "20 Questions" as well as had apothocary jars filled with candy for people to guess on. We'd also set up the Halloween costume contest and movie-vote by this time. We had three prizes: Scariest Costume, Funniest Costume, and Best Overall complete with little trophies for each.

After that it was all light off for a spooky game of "Murder" also known as "Mafia" or "The Winker". We played a couple variations of that. It was very suspenseful, especially when we were sitting on the floor surrounded with fog.

After that many guests had to take off, but those that remained joined us in watching "Corpse Bride".

My biggest regret is that we didn't get enough pictures. We hardly got pictures of anything. But here you go, here are the ones we DID take. Enjoy. :)

My sister Elizabeth dressed as Tinkerbell!

Our High School friends Nate and Melodie dressed as Ninjas!
The sticky-notes are from playing 20 Questions.

Our siblings Ryan and Michelle made a beautiful Batman and Belle!

Jeff won the Overall Best Costume for his convincing portrayal of Captain America,
and Eric won Funniest for his representation of Sagat! 

This is my AMAZING friend Alana who made mine (AND ELIZABETH'S) Halloween costumes.
She came as a pregnant version of me and Jon came as Steven. HAHA! 
Elizabeth's two best friends were Belle and Cruella. Disney party!!
The next morning I took a few pictures of the apartment since I'd forgotten the night before. It looked MUCH cooler when it was all fog-filled and candle-lit, but use your imagination. :)

The second night of Halloween weekend Steven and I had been invited to THREE parties AND a wedding reception. We ended up getting ready and going to one party and then just pooping out of all the rest. haha. Woops. 

Here are the pics we took that second night before we went out: 

Here's Missy-cat dressed in one of 3 Halloween costumes we bought her. haha.

Here is the sexiest man alive, aka Steven...
And I repeat myself, SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. 

Here is my PHENOMENAL Halloween costume
 made from an old choir dress, some $2.00 DI fabric and grey spray paint.
My favorite part: The Bustle!!
Here is the back of my hair-do, complete with spiders
which fell out throughout the evening
and scared people. :D 

Steven wearing the hood part!

I did my own make-up and hair, of course!

Halloween Lovers. In both senses of the word. ;) 

Just one more shot of this great costume!!


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