Monday, October 15, 2012

You had a birthday shout Hooray! Steven is 24!

As you have probably figured out by now, I like throwing parties. Steven's 24th birthday was no exception. He decided he would like to have a big Game-themed friend party, where everyone could rotate through various games (board games, card games, video games...) and earn coins to cash in for prizes at the end. It was an awesome idea and I jumped right on board planning a colorful party!

Decorations were rainbow streamers and swirly stars and balloons! Steven wore his very best Mario-themed T-shirt. haha. 

OH, and did I mention my very best friend ever, XANTHE was there??!? She happened to be in town for a couple weeks while her sister was recovering from surgery, and she was able to come for the party! DOUBLE WINNING!

True Story: We did NOT plan on matching.
It just happened.
Because we share a brain. ;) 
Everyone spread out and started playing games and there was a great pace to it! You could play any type of game you wanted to, and when you finished play another round or jump into another game across the room! Everyone loved it! There was a lot of excitement and a lot of competition. We had super mario brothers, Smash, Old Maid, Chinese Checkers, Monopoly deal and Xanthe and Eric were champions at Egyptian rat screw! There was blood.
In the office Steven showed some friends how to play one of the board games he invented. Yep! You read that right, my husband invents board games. He is a genius. And you guys HAVE to check this one out, because it is amazing! So much fun to play!! All of his friends loved it. :) 

Looks pretty cool right? Well, it IS. 
After games it was time for cake! I picked out a chocolate fudge cake with Halloween colors for Steven's birthday! We did not cheat and put exactly 24 candles on top. These were special "Color-flame" candles that I found at the best party store ever, Zurchers! And they totally work! The flames were colored! Red, green, was AWESOME!!

24 candles for my 24 year old man! 

Lighting the candles. Please ignore my cone-head. haha!
Who knew it looked like that from the side? 

I made this one big so you can see the colored flames! Isn't that cool?  
Blowing out the candles! Hope he got his wish!! 
Next it was time to award prizes! We had a ton of loot! Mario bags, an RC cart, Punch-balloons, bubble-pipes and one awesome Vulture hat! Everyone got something they wanted and were really excited. At the end everyone got a take-home grab bag with a parachute army man toy, mario gummy candies, stick-on tattoos and a moustache! We all decided to put on our moustaches for a group picture. :D
It was a FANTASTIC party! Thank you  to all who came. :) We love living so close to so many of our high school friends. I think it is so important to keep strong ties to the people who carried you through your tough teenage years, and we are grateful for so many good friends! :) Thank you to everyone!! 

*And a special thanks to Xanthe for taking all of these fantastic pictures while my camera was dead. ;) 

This is my favorite one. I love our friends!

I adore this lady! And our moustaches. ;)

Steven's best friend Kyle and his girlfriend McKell

Steven's friend Jordan and his girlfriend Emily

Eric and his boyfriend Jeff.....TOTALLY JK! They're not gay.
They wish! XD haha.  Juuuust kidding guys. 

Steven and Austin, the dangerous duo. 

Aaaaaaand us. And Jeff photo-bombing like a boss! 

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  1. Haha, you guys are the coolest! I had no idea Steven made games, that is seriously amazing. Happy late bday to him!


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