Monday, October 15, 2012

Volunteering = Blessings

Ever heard of the show "Secret Millionaire"? Here is the wiki definition: Secret Millionaire is a reality television show which originated in the UK, in which millionaires go incognito into impoverished communities and agree to give away tens of thousands of pounds (or tens of thousands of dollars in the U.S. version). Members of the community are told the cameras are present to film a documentary [about volunteering].

My in-laws got us watching the show last season, and when it came back this summer I couldn't wait to watch every episode. What the wiki article leaves out is that they don't just hand out their money on the street, they give it to people in the low-income communities that are good samaritans trying to make a difference  Money goes to soup-kitchens and after school programs; things that ordinary people are doing to help those around them. Not only do I think it's a great idea for millionaires to share their money with the less fortunate, but I love that good people trying to make a difference in the world are rewarded for their efforts. 

Here is my most favorite clip so far from the show: 

After watching this show for a couple seasons I realized that surely there was more I could be doing in my community. Around last July I did a google search for "Volunteer Opportunities in Provo Utah" and found page after page of results. There are so many ways to help out your community! After browsing through the options I sent out some emails to the coordinators of a few different organizations stating my availability. For most places you do need to fill out a little application, and for some they will do a background check. 

I ended up signing on to do two things: Volunteer in a Children's Crisis Nursery and be a Meals on Wheels driver. :)

Volunteering has already blessed my life in many ways. Unfortunately for my school schedule this semester, I had to drop the Meals on Wheels driving after only a few weeks, but am looking forward to picking it up again when I can. For Meals on Wheels you just deliver food to homebound seniors between the hours of 11:30 and 1:30 Monday-Friday. They have routes everywhere, so probably near your home! All of the food is provided so you just give up your time and gas money to do this service and all of the Seniors really appreciate it. They are so sweet; always giving big hugs when you bring their lunches. For some it may be the only meal they get that day so it is very important that there are people to bring it to them. 

I do a two-hour shift at the Childrens Center once a week.. Sometimes they call me in earlier if they are short-handed. All I am expected to do is love the kids. :) This is easy, because I LOVE KIDS and volunteering there has filled the hole that leaving the nanny job left me with. 

Here is a link to the Family Support and Treatment center:
They are always looking for more volunteers and need donations of every kind! I love going there every week and always look forward to telling Steven about the cute things that happen with the kids. They are so full of love and want to be loved. It is not a sacrifice at all to give a couple hours of my time before school to go there and play with these kids. :)

It was at the Family Support and Treatment Center that I was offered the other job that helped me to get a raise at the Fairfield. I have thought many times since about this chain of events, and how if I didn't decide to be a volunteer I would have never been in the position to be offered this other job and would have never been justified in asking for such a large raise. I truly believe that it was a reward for giving up my time in the selfless effort of Volunteering.

So...hopefully you get where I am going with this. GO VOLUNTEER.

I work two jobs and am a part-time student, wife and cat-mother. I can STILL make a couple hours a week to help someone else in need. It is not hard. It is wonderful. :)

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  1. I help manage the charity work that we do at the company that I work for, and we have been working with the Family Support and Treatment Center. We are trying to save enough money for a remodel and we have bought paper towels, a washing machine, a microwave, a vacuum, and other stuff. I love that place. Volunteering is the best!


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