Monday, October 15, 2012

She HOOOOOPED they'd call her on mission!

My little-but-taller-and-more-mature-looking sister Elizabeth decided that she would serve a mission. She is the third sister and fourth sibling that I've had decide this. :) My family is amazing!!

Elizabeth had three secret wishes for her mission call: 1. That she would go somewhere warm, 2. That she would serve in the states, and 3. That she would be called to an ASL mission. Elizabeth ROCKS at American Sign Language. She wants to be an interpreter and has been studying since...Elementary School? She is awesome. :)

Her mission call arrived in the mail on a Wednesday, but she waited until Friday to open it so that the family could join her. We set up 3-way calls on 3 different cell phones so that all of our siblings could listen in. It was so cute seeing the 3 little phones lined up on the floor in front of her and everyone on the other lines wanting to be a part of this amazing moment in her life. :) Dad was in Oregon, Jenn+Matt+Jason+Cory called in from San Diego, Jess+Miles called in seperately from Long Beach because Miles was still at work, and Daniel+Michelle+Carter+Abby called from Denver. The rest of us + Elizabeth's two best friends were in the living room at my Mom's house with her. It was such a sweet moment for everyone.

Chelsea, Elizabeth and Shelby. Best friends!! :)
And can I just say how happy I am that my sister has such good friends?
Seriously, these girls are just such beautiful people. :) 

I love this picture. You can see all the flip-phones with our
family members listening in as she starts to open the envelope. 

As soon as she started reading the spirit was SO STRONG!
She teared up right away. :) 
 Then she read these words:

And then this was her face. :) 
And we all started bawling. :) :) :) 

She couldn't believe she'd been called to teach
not only in a warm sunny state, but as an
ASL missionary!! 

Proud mom crying on the couch! 

Even crazier, sacramento CA is just about an hour away
from where she and I were born! 

After the initial reading, she had to make sure everyone had heard the news. :)
Everyone was so excited! 

But no one could be more excited than Elizabeth. 

I am so proud of her! 

She is going to be an amazing missionary! 

My church is so cool. COME JOIN! LoL! 

My mom doesn't like this picture, but I think it is adorable. Sorry mom, my blog. ;) 

Laffy Taffy and Skittle! 

And a family photo of the day with Jessica on the phone. ;) Yay!!
We are all so excited for the next member of the Jenson family to serve the lord through a full-time mission. What an amazing experience awaits her! WooHoo! GOOOO ELIZABETH!

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  1. Aw, I started tearing up again just reading the post and looking at your great pictures. And I love your "COME JOIN" comment! YES!!! And Elizabeth will be making that invite for 1 1/2 years! YES!!


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