Saturday, October 6, 2012

"A raaaise? I'LL GIVE YOU A RAISE! *Ughhhh!*"

If you don't get the reference in the blog title, you've clearly never seen "Lord of the Finger Puppets". If you haven't seen "Lord of the Finger Puppets", you are CLEARLY missing out. 

BEST. MOVIE. EVER. MADE. a bunch of high school students anyway. ;) 

This post is about how I got a huge raise. 

I read an article that stated that men were generally paid more than women simply because they weren't afraid to ask for it. So I asked for it! I asked my boss to give me a review, and when the raise offered didn't meet my expectations, I asked for a bigger one. 

Here is the email that I sent to my bosses' boss. My apologies for it being rather long. Feel free to skip it if you get bored.  

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Chhabra, 

I appreciate your generosity and the opportunity I've had to work for such a great company. I have been privileged to work at the Fairfield for three years and hope to continue in my employment. 
That being said, I have received another job offer that is difficult to dismiss as it would be a starting wage of $12.00 an hour. Under normal circumstances I would not hesitate to accept such an offer, but in this case it would mean giving up my position here at the Fairfield which I have grown to truly love. I know that I have been reviewed for a raise and would like to offer up some additional items for consideration. I would love to continue working for you, and would even be willing to commit to another two years of service if my wages can justify a continued employment. 
I understand that it is a lot to ask, but I am hoping that any raise I may receive may rival the starting rate of the potential job I have been offered. I love my job and would really like to keep working here. I hope that these items prove to show how valuable I am to the Fairfield Inn. 

In three years of employment I have out-lasted 53 coworkers on Front Desk alone, 9 of which have been managers or Front Desk managers. If my longevity is not enough, my loyalty is also apparent in that during the first 6 months of working, I was on the night shift when we were robbed. A robber threatened me, saying he had a gun. While most people put in this situation would most likely quit, or at least expect to have some time off after the incident, I did not even ask to go home afterwards. I stayed and finished my shift, and was back working the next night. 

At about 6 months I was given a 25 cent raise, and at one year I was awarded an additional 50 cents, making a total of 75 cents as a raise for my first year, bringing my total rate to $9.75 an hour. After which, for two full years, I have not received a raise but neither complained nor questioned it.
I have always striven to be a responsible and dedicated employee. In three years I have never taken a sick day. I have never missed a shift. Unlike other night auditors in the area, I will never be caught sleeping on the job, but instead am frequently praised by guests for being "chipper and cheerful" in the mornings. On the rare night that I am more tired than usual, instead of doing the bare minimum amount of work that needs to be done, I seek out projects and brainstorm/implement ideas for how to improve an area that is inefficient. One example of this is the Lost and Found. I came up with an effective system for our Lost and Found and have taken on the job of being in charge of it ever since; making sure everyone was trained, and that it continues to run smoothly. I personally sort through the lost and found every 90 days and take the items that have been in the system for longer to be donated. I make a sincere effort to be as knowledgeable about the hotel and my responsibilities as possible. I have trained 7 Night Auditors as successors. I have also been offered the Front Desk manager position 6 times, and have declined only because I would not be able to make a full time commitment and still continue in my schooling.  

Even though I am "just a night auditor" by definition, I have always striven to improve my workplace and be of assistance in any way possible. In the last year I have taken on the following additional tasks to help out the management and prove my value to the hotel: 
·         Front Desk Meetings: It was by my suggestion that we began having weekly front desk meetings. I then volunteered to plan, prepare and carry out the meetings each week, a job which I take very seriously. Mrs. Chhabra, you had the opportunity to sit in on one of our past front desk meeting, so you are aware how effective they are for our staff.
·         Following each front desk meeting I take the responsibility of sending a "meeting minutes" email to the staff so that anyone who wasn't in attendance will be up to speed on what is of importance at the hotel.
·         I suggested that the front desk learn Spanish to help bridge the communication gap between FD and HSK and now plan a quick Spanish learning activity each week for our meetings.
·         I help to plan staff parties for birthdays and holidays and was recently asked to be the head of the birthday planning committee.
·         I was trained on all of the new systems when we started working with India, and now input the Payroll after each shift. 
·         In addition, I have taken on the task of doing the Daily Reports each night. 
·         I have volunteered for any additional tasks that may be needed including extra cleaning jobs, organization of the Front Desk, and assisting with GSS phone calls. 
·         I frequently stay late after my night shift if breakfast needs me to fill in or if Mary or any other breakfast attendant needs.
·         I am trained on every shift at the hotel and have always been willing to cover shifts for coworkers when needed.
·         I am willing to take on any additional tasks that management sees fit in order to justify the requested raise.
Everyone at the Fairfield knows that they can count on me to fill a shift or help them out. Ben and Katie know that I can be counted on to complete any additional tasks they assign.
On a personal note, before now money was never an issue. I knew I could probably make more per hour working somewhere else, but loved my job and didn't worry about it. However, I am now going back to school, and my husband is graduating next year and is preparing for grad school. As we are deciding on a grad school and preparing for the expenses that this implies, we are realizing that our current income will not suffice for the expenses in our future. This is why I began seriously considering other job offers, whereas in the past I would not have done so.
However, when it comes down to where I would truly like to work, the answer is always here at the Fairfield. I really do love my job. I love my coworkers, and love feeling like I am making a contribution. I am so glad to be in such a friendly work environment with professional managers who treat everyone with respect. I would happily commit to working here if, financially, I could justify it. This is why I decided to personally write you, just so you know where I am coming from in asking for a generous raise. I am so grateful that I am even being considered for a raise at all, and grateful to have such a great job. J

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. 

Sincerely, Rebekah" 

According to my managers, just minutes after I sent the email and clocked out, the owners called and offered me the most unbelievable raise ever. They gave me a $2.25 cent raise, taking me from $9.75 an hour to TWELVE DOLLARS. It was a MIRACLE!!! I could write a much longer post explaining how amazing it was that 1. I didn't get fired for asking this, and 2. how miraculous that these people actually gave me this ridiculously big of a raise, but what I WILL say, is, MIRACLES HAPPEN. And the Lord blesses us for doing good things. :) My following post will be about WHY I think God blessed me with this raise, and how everything just happens for a reason. ;) STAY TUNED!

How awesome is this picture? I'm joining this club. For reals. XD


  1. Yay you! Way to be a hustler! That really is ridiculously awesome, and sounds like it was well-deserved. Great job girl!!!

  2. I may or may not be wiping away some tears right now. You are so awesome, Rebekah! And I would give you a raise, too.


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