Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Steven's OTHER Birthday Celebrations

Steven was well celebrated. He's still 24 though, so don't get confused.

His friend party was the weekend before his birthday because Conference, as usual, fell on the weekend after. *Conference will be receiving it's own post btw*

His actual 24th birthday was on October 3rd, which this year fell on a Wednesday. Since we both have school and I work Wednesday nights, there wasn't that much we could do, but we did get to go out for a nice birthday dinner. It turned out to be especially nice because Steven's parents lent us a gift card to Goodwood BBQ! Thanks Mom and Dad!!
Steven loves a good steak, and I love salmon, so we got the greatest dinner ever!

Birthday boy with a Birthday steak!

Birthday wife with some birthday salmon!
 THEN, as if it couldn't get any better, we found out they give you free Texas sheet cake for your birthday! This stuff was ridiculously delicious! Chocolately goodness at it's best. :)

I love this guy. :) So cute! 
The following Sunday, we met at Steven's parents house where our sister-in-law Whitney made the most amazing pies, and we celebrated his birthday AGAIN, this time with gifts!! 

Birthday pie! 

Thanks Whitney! 

He blewe out the two candles really slowly. It was funny and cute. :) 
Steven feels very well celebrated, and he got everything that he wanted for his birthday! Thanks to everyone who helped to make it so special. :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Witches Night Out!

Part One: I am blessed with many great friends. Two of these great ladies became my friends while we were all employed at the Fairfield Inn, in Provo. Bless you, Fairfield. Bless you and your micro-management for giving us all something to bond over. One of them doesn't work there anymore, and the other became the front desk manager. Go figure. I'm so glad we have all stayed close and are such good friends with each other!

Part two: I LOVE HALLOWEEN. This year I wanted to be sure to do something "Hallo-weeny" (That's not a real word.) every weekend of October. THIS past weekend I decided to take these two witches with me to Gardner Village in South Jordan for their annual "Witches Night Out". I'd never been before,  but I heard it was fun! Basically you just dress up as a witch and go shopping in this little village. YESSSS!!! Every woman's dream! Katie and I drove up to meet at Stephanie's place, which was conveniently located just a few blocks from Gardner's village!
We decided to go full-out. It was an incredible night.
We each had a distinctly different witch.

Steph, Me and Katie. 

Not even sure if she is actually a witch. XD haha! 

Three lovely ladies ready for a night on the town!

We went to a fancy restaurant for dinner and enjoyed the strange look
we got for our elaborate costumes.
Then it was off to the Village! Parking is just $5.00 and it was definitely worth it because cars were parked up the street on both sides for about a mile before we reached the entrance! We got right in and got a great parking spot near the exit! 
It was 8pm, just in time for the "Witches Parade" which just turned out to be a big gathering/dance-party in the square so you can get a good look at all the other costumes. It was fantastic! There were so many different types of witch hats! Some people went full-out like us, others just had hats, and a few people didn't even dress up. LAME!

Katie Hammerland is basically the cutest person on earth. :) 

Aaaaaand, Stephanie Aymat is the weirdest. XD haha!

After dancing in the witch crowd we went shopping in the many village shops!
There is SO much adorable furniture and knick-knacks everywhere!
We found this little "friends" sign and couldn't resist the perfect photo. :)

At ten o'clock we hurried back to the main square to join in the Thriller dance! Woohoo! 


There were hundreds of witches. Coolest event ever!
There was also this strange guy on stilts. 
 When Thriller ended the event was technically over, but we hurried back to the sweet shop to wait in line for some fudge before they closed. Gardner village has THE BEST fudge!!

Witches gonna get some FUDGE! 
After we got our fudge we walked back through the village to the car. Almost everyone had cleared out already so we didn't have to wait in traffic at all! We rock!

It was such a great night out with my girls. :) I love dressing up, I love shopping, and I love my WITCHES!! 

She HOOOOOPED they'd call her on mission!

My little-but-taller-and-more-mature-looking sister Elizabeth decided that she would serve a mission. She is the third sister and fourth sibling that I've had decide this. :) My family is amazing!!

Elizabeth had three secret wishes for her mission call: 1. That she would go somewhere warm, 2. That she would serve in the states, and 3. That she would be called to an ASL mission. Elizabeth ROCKS at American Sign Language. She wants to be an interpreter and has been studying since...Elementary School? She is awesome. :)

Her mission call arrived in the mail on a Wednesday, but she waited until Friday to open it so that the family could join her. We set up 3-way calls on 3 different cell phones so that all of our siblings could listen in. It was so cute seeing the 3 little phones lined up on the floor in front of her and everyone on the other lines wanting to be a part of this amazing moment in her life. :) Dad was in Oregon, Jenn+Matt+Jason+Cory called in from San Diego, Jess+Miles called in seperately from Long Beach because Miles was still at work, and Daniel+Michelle+Carter+Abby called from Denver. The rest of us + Elizabeth's two best friends were in the living room at my Mom's house with her. It was such a sweet moment for everyone.

Chelsea, Elizabeth and Shelby. Best friends!! :)
And can I just say how happy I am that my sister has such good friends?
Seriously, these girls are just such beautiful people. :) 

I love this picture. You can see all the flip-phones with our
family members listening in as she starts to open the envelope. 

As soon as she started reading the spirit was SO STRONG!
She teared up right away. :) 
 Then she read these words:

And then this was her face. :) 
And we all started bawling. :) :) :) 

She couldn't believe she'd been called to teach
not only in a warm sunny state, but as an
ASL missionary!! 

Proud mom crying on the couch! 

Even crazier, sacramento CA is just about an hour away
from where she and I were born! 

After the initial reading, she had to make sure everyone had heard the news. :)
Everyone was so excited! 

But no one could be more excited than Elizabeth. 

I am so proud of her! 

She is going to be an amazing missionary! 

My church is so cool. COME JOIN! LoL! 

My mom doesn't like this picture, but I think it is adorable. Sorry mom, my blog. ;) 

Laffy Taffy and Skittle! 

And a family photo of the day with Jessica on the phone. ;) Yay!!
We are all so excited for the next member of the Jenson family to serve the lord through a full-time mission. What an amazing experience awaits her! WooHoo! GOOOO ELIZABETH!

You had a birthday shout Hooray! Steven is 24!

As you have probably figured out by now, I like throwing parties. Steven's 24th birthday was no exception. He decided he would like to have a big Game-themed friend party, where everyone could rotate through various games (board games, card games, video games...) and earn coins to cash in for prizes at the end. It was an awesome idea and I jumped right on board planning a colorful party!

Decorations were rainbow streamers and swirly stars and balloons! Steven wore his very best Mario-themed T-shirt. haha. 

OH, and did I mention my very best friend ever, XANTHE was there??!? She happened to be in town for a couple weeks while her sister was recovering from surgery, and she was able to come for the party! DOUBLE WINNING!

True Story: We did NOT plan on matching.
It just happened.
Because we share a brain. ;) 
Everyone spread out and started playing games and there was a great pace to it! You could play any type of game you wanted to, and when you finished play another round or jump into another game across the room! Everyone loved it! There was a lot of excitement and a lot of competition. We had super mario brothers, Smash, Old Maid, Chinese Checkers, Monopoly deal and Xanthe and Eric were champions at Egyptian rat screw! There was blood.
In the office Steven showed some friends how to play one of the board games he invented. Yep! You read that right, my husband invents board games. He is a genius. And you guys HAVE to check this one out, because it is amazing! So much fun to play!! All of his friends loved it. :) 

Looks pretty cool right? Well, it IS. 
After games it was time for cake! I picked out a chocolate fudge cake with Halloween colors for Steven's birthday! We did not cheat and put exactly 24 candles on top. These were special "Color-flame" candles that I found at the best party store ever, Zurchers! And they totally work! The flames were colored! Red, green, purple...it was AWESOME!!

24 candles for my 24 year old man! 

Lighting the candles. Please ignore my cone-head. haha!
Who knew it looked like that from the side? 

I made this one big so you can see the colored flames! Isn't that cool?  
Blowing out the candles! Hope he got his wish!! 
Next it was time to award prizes! We had a ton of loot! Mario bags, an RC cart, Punch-balloons, bubble-pipes and one awesome Vulture hat! Everyone got something they wanted and were really excited. At the end everyone got a take-home grab bag with a parachute army man toy, mario gummy candies, stick-on tattoos and a moustache! We all decided to put on our moustaches for a group picture. :D
It was a FANTASTIC party! Thank you  to all who came. :) We love living so close to so many of our high school friends. I think it is so important to keep strong ties to the people who carried you through your tough teenage years, and we are grateful for so many good friends! :) Thank you to everyone!! 

*And a special thanks to Xanthe for taking all of these fantastic pictures while my camera was dead. ;) 

This is my favorite one. I love our friends!

I adore this lady! And our moustaches. ;)

Steven's best friend Kyle and his girlfriend McKell

Steven's friend Jordan and his girlfriend Emily

Eric and his boyfriend Jeff.....TOTALLY JK! They're not gay.
They wish! XD haha.  Juuuust kidding guys. 

Steven and Austin, the dangerous duo. 

Aaaaaaand us. And Jeff photo-bombing like a boss!