Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nathan and Tammy Jenson Family Reunion #1, August 2012

My parents decided to host the first ever family reunion for just OUR immediate family. Since a third of my siblings now live in California (as does a lot of my extended's where I was born) my mom decided to pay for us all to spend a day in Disneyland! We also enjoyed an afternoon at the beach, and a beautiful picnic in a park.

Steven and I were able to stay with my sister Jessica and her husband Miles for the most part of the trip. Their futon was soooo comfy. ;) ah haha. Jessica recently announced that she and Miles are having their first baby, so it was really exciting to get to spend more time with them!

While at the reunion we helped my nephew Cory to celebrate his 2nd birthday! My oldest sister, Jennifer, then announced that she too was pregnant with their third baby! Yay! So much excitement for one weekend!

The rest will be told in some of my favorite pictures from the trip. There were so many it was hard to narrow it down!

Steven and Elizabeth and I rented a car to drive to CA. On the way we passed through Baker and stopped at "Alien Fresh Jerky". This is a real store.

I guess we were aliens, because we parked here.


Some photos of the alien exhibits in Baker, CA. It's a weird place.

The first evening of the reunion we met up with the whole family for the first time and had a BBQ in a beautiful park near Jess and Miles house!

Here is my only niece, Abby. She is ADORABLE. 

My sister Jessica MADE this cake for Cory! 


Steven meeting his nephews and niece. They decided that he was a bear and they chased him with pokey sticks. HAHA!

Later on though, Jason decided that Steven was his favorite uncle. :) 

Here is the moment that we found out that Jennifer is pregnant again. 

The next day it was time for Disneyland!! I'm pretty sure I was more excited than any of the kids.
First we all took a ride on the Disneyland Express! 

Here is me and Jason on the train!


And here is the cutest moment of my life when Abby and Carter met Tigger. Also, Tigger proposed to me. That happened. haha. :)

Then my heart melted when this happened. :) <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
Then my goofy Dad met his twin. :) 

Here is Jason waving at all of the Disney Princesses in the parade. 

Another favorite moment of the day was Carter playing his invisible guitar to the parade music. 

Here is the whole family inside the Finding Nemo ride! 

This happened after lunch.

And then I was inspired to do this. 

This was our first trip to the Magic Kingdom together. :) Lovelove!

The most excited two year old of all time. :D 

Me, Steven and Matt went on Space Mountain. Hooray for Fast Passes! 

Then Elizabeth and I introduced Steven and Melissa to The Tower of Terror. :D 
 The next day we had to drive several hours to another area of CA where Jenn and Matt live. We were all cranky from all the driving. Then everyone went to the beach and NOBODY TOLD US THE ADDRESS. None of us had any clue how to get there since none of us live in CA.
We had a GPS/Trip-finder thing in our rental car, but it only worked if you gave it an address. So we called my dad to get some coordinates and he just acted like we were being completely stupid for not knowing where the beach was.

Here is a picture of La Jolla beach. Notice how this is just one small picture and the beach stretched along the ENTIRE SHORE LINE???
And we were just supposed to somehow know exactly which part of the beach the rest of our family had parked at. Yeah. They could have been anywhere. 
So...we called hoping that someone would answer their phone and walk to the nearest street sign and give us an address, but NOOOOOO, nobody could do that for us. 

Then this picture happened. Because I was so enraged.

Finally we ended up pulling into a shifty looking garage and asking a total stranger-man if he could help us. 
The guy decided that rather than give us directions (SINCE WE WERE SO FAR AWAY FROM THE PARK ON THE BEACH THAT WE WERE TRYING TO GET TO) that he would just have us follow him there. 

Aren't we lucky that he wasn't a psychotic murderer rapist? 
Luckily for us, he actually did know where we needed to go and got us there. 

Unfortunately for us, it was now late evening and we had missed the family dinner and the beach was freezing cold.
 But that was fine because Steven and I aren't much of beach people anyway.
Here is a picture.
I'm still cranky and Steven goes to the beach fully clothed. 
It was still a really beautiful evening and I got some good pictures.

Here is Carter demonstrating how freaking cold it was. 

Abby let me bury her in the sand. She said it was warmer in there. haha! :D 

Then one of my siblings (Sorry, I don't know who it was...) found the longest piece of seaweed of all time. 

And then this wonderful picture happened. 

The next day we all went to church together, because who doesn't want to spend 3 hours of a family reunion at church surrounded by strangers from another ward? ........................................................

Then we had lunch at Jenn and Matt's place and one of my favorite moments ever was captured on camera. 

Here it is: 

And that was our reunion. HAHA! 
I am pretty excited about seeing all of my siblings again. :) I love them so. :) <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">