Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Our car broke down.

Surprise, this is not a picture of us. 

We had to have the transmission rebuilt.

It cost us almost $2,000.

We bought our car in January of 2011 for only $1700. Six months later we had to fix the engine, which cost us about $1400. So to have the transmission crash this year was a huge bummer.

We debated about whether or not to use the $2000 for repairs to go towards another used car, but to get a "good" used car you have to pay around $5000 now days, and then you still have the same risks that it will break. We decided instead to repair our little storm trooper one last time.

This post is called "perspective" because it would have been so easy to say "Woe is me! Our life sucks! Our car died AGAIN! We have so little money right now! School is about to start up again and how will we pay for tuition? Boo-Hoo!"

Perspective changes everything.

When our car broke down, I posted on Facebook "Our car died."
Several comments mentioned that they had read it as "Our cat died" and were devastated for us. It really got me thinking. The car falling apart really isn't a big deal. So what, we had to use about a third of our whole savings account to pay for it. So what we didn't have a vehicle for two weeks and had to take the bus. So what we walked to work or bummed rides off of our coworkers.  So what?

It doesn't matter.

Missy, our sweet cat-baby, is alive. WE are alive. We have jobs. We have food. We have a great place to live. We have a car. We have family close who lent us a car for the weekend. We are healthy. We have never been happier in our life. We have a car back now with a completely rebuilt transmission.

This might be the cheesiest post ever, ...or not...haha..., But I couldn't help but think of the words to the Hymn "Count your blessings":

"When upon life's billows you are tempest-tossed,
When you are discouraged thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings, name them one by one, 
And it will surprise you what the Lord has done." 

Life is good. We are very, very blessed. Even if our car broke down.  :)


  1. AWWW! I just love you! Way to be! You inspire me. Fer realz.

  2. You're so awesome! You are exactly right, I think sometimes we get caught up in the "why me" mode of things. You go girl, count those blessings!!!

  3. Awesome post, AAAANNDD sidenote, I also love your new blog name :)

    1. Thank you thank you! It was Steven's idea and he just came up with it out of nowhere. I was like, "We really need a new blog name" and he said, "What about 'Luck of the Lindsleys'?" He's a genius that way!


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