Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Our car broke down.

Surprise, this is not a picture of us. 

We had to have the transmission rebuilt.

It cost us almost $2,000.

We bought our car in January of 2011 for only $1700. Six months later we had to fix the engine, which cost us about $1400. So to have the transmission crash this year was a huge bummer.

We debated about whether or not to use the $2000 for repairs to go towards another used car, but to get a "good" used car you have to pay around $5000 now days, and then you still have the same risks that it will break. We decided instead to repair our little storm trooper one last time.

This post is called "perspective" because it would have been so easy to say "Woe is me! Our life sucks! Our car died AGAIN! We have so little money right now! School is about to start up again and how will we pay for tuition? Boo-Hoo!"

Perspective changes everything.

When our car broke down, I posted on Facebook "Our car died."
Several comments mentioned that they had read it as "Our cat died" and were devastated for us. It really got me thinking. The car falling apart really isn't a big deal. So what, we had to use about a third of our whole savings account to pay for it. So what we didn't have a vehicle for two weeks and had to take the bus. So what we walked to work or bummed rides off of our coworkers.  So what?

It doesn't matter.

Missy, our sweet cat-baby, is alive. WE are alive. We have jobs. We have food. We have a great place to live. We have a car. We have family close who lent us a car for the weekend. We are healthy. We have never been happier in our life. We have a car back now with a completely rebuilt transmission.

This might be the cheesiest post ever, ...or not...haha..., But I couldn't help but think of the words to the Hymn "Count your blessings":

"When upon life's billows you are tempest-tossed,
When you are discouraged thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings, name them one by one, 
And it will surprise you what the Lord has done." 

Life is good. We are very, very blessed. Even if our car broke down.  :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012


If you don't like sappy posts, stop reading now.

I want to talk about Steven.

I don't think I've ever really had a post that was just a long doting rant about how much I love him, so I decided that today was that day. I know you've been waiting for it.

Steven used to ask me, "Why do you love me?"
Back in High School, I dated a lot. I went on a lot of dates, "Went out" with many different guys, and had a couple boyfriends before Steven. Steven, not so much. He didn't really date that much...unless girls asked him out to dances, which they did. He'd never had a girl friend, and as far as I know he'd only had "crushes" on a couple people.

Then there was me. Obsessive overly-affectionate me. :)

The answer to why I fell in love with shy, sweet Steven was simple and has never changed. Steven sees the best in me. He sees the me that I can become. He sees my potential. He sees the best in me that I can't even see yet. He was the first guy to make me feel like I was the whole world.

I'd had a HORRIBLE break-up my Junior year of high school. ***cough cough *PATRICK* cough*** My then boyfriend of about two years broke up with me ON PROM NIGHT after confessing that he'd been cheating on me for several months and was now with the girl who he'd set up our double-date night with. Wow. Just WOW. Way to boost my trust in people.

After that I decided I was pretty much consigned to be alone forever. Less than a year later, there was Steven. And from that first Dance-date on, Steven was my hero.

I feel like this is suddenly hard to write about because it's so personal. I love Steven so much. Also, I'm listening to 90's songs on Pandora, and "I Do" by 98 degrees just started playing so now I'm feeling all romantic. XD

Steven makes me feel amazing. Steven makes me feel beautiful. Steven makes me feel like I am the coolest, funniest, smartest, prettiest, sexiest person on the planet. Steven makes me feel like I am a gourmet chef when he compliments all of my pinterest experiments. Steven compliments my singing and makes me feel super talented. Steven makes me laugh..."every day". ;) Eh heh heh.

Not only does Steven make ME feel good, but he is just such a great guy in general!

Steven is ridiculously good looking. Steven is the smartest person I have ever met. Steven is a brilliant genius with languages, grammar, spelling, schooling in general, board-game creating, painting, sketching, singing(though he'll never admit it!), and video gaming. ;) Steven is good at vaccumming the house, washing the dishes and doing all of his homework. Steven inspires me with how well he does in school, how dedicated he is to getting his degree and getting good grades. He excels at keeping a budget and helping me keep to it. Steven spoils me in about a million little ways every day. He always tucks me in for naps and wakes me up with a little back rub and a kiss when I have to go to work. He is so supportive! He doesn't care that I am crazy.

I feel like, to adequately explain why I am writing this post, I would have to also write one titled, "Marriage". In short, marriage is hard. Marriage is the hardest thing I've ever had to do and we've only been in it for a little over 2 years. Marriage is tricky; it takes a lot of commitment, and a lot of patience to try and figure out how to live with another person on a non-stop basis. To go through every waking and sleeping emotion with someone at your side can be really rough. Experiencing all of their life-drama can also be difficult. Marriage is not a walk in the park, and anyone who has been married knows what I'm talking about.

So yes, Steven and I have had our hard times. In fact the second year of our marriage was really difficult. There was a lot of stupid drama. We were both meanies sometimes.

I wanted to write this post because now, over a year later, I am SO HAPPY. I am so happy to be married to Steven. I am so happy that we are best friends, and that our relationship gets stronger and better all the time. I am so happy that he listens to me, that he cares about what I have to say, and that he respects all of my differences. We are a great team. :)

Also, he really does make me laugh every day.

So I guess that's it. I love Steven.

Lindsley Sisters Weekend 2012

I am so blessed to have married into such an amazing family.

One of the best parts of it (besides incredible in-laws, the most unbelievably amazing mother-in-law in the world, best husband ever and phenomenal sibling-in-laws) is that Steven's brothers wives are pretty much just like my real sisters now. Whitney and Michelle could not BE more perfect. They are the greatest sister-in-laws of all time. Because we are all so awesome and in love with each other, we have an annual "Sisters Weekend" with Steven's only sister Sarah. Each summer we go out and have fun times together...usually in or around Salt Lake because it is half-way between Logan and Provo.

This year we decided to stay up in SLC and go shopping at the new City Creek Center and the Gateway.
Of COURSE, we also had to make a stop at Melting Pot for chocolate. ;) It wouldn't be sisters weekend without our FONDUE CHOCOLATE!!!

After meeting up in Salt Lake and checking into our loverly hotel (Thanks Marriott discount!) we started the evening off by having some delicious authentic Italian pizza at this great place called Settebello's. It was DELICOUS! A nice change from the overly greasy and meaty American pizza that I usually eat. 

Here is one of the pizza's we had. YUM!
After pizza and gelato we headed straight for Melting Pot. We are foodies like that. Yum Yum!! Good news is that there is a bit of a walk between the two, so we could burn off a little pizza calories. ;)

Michelle and I also had our eyeballs burned out when a homeless guy nearly flashed us with his family jewels.  Yum Yum again! ...NOT. XD 

Melting pot was just as amazing as ever. I love everything about that place. I love the atmosphere, I love the chocolate, and I especially love the good company of amazing sisters. :) 

Now another pic of Melting pot...because it is delicious. 

Oh it looks just like us! ...I didn't take any pictures this weekend. 
The evening was just beginning as we waddled our way out of Melting Pot. Michelle made the excellent suggestion to walk around SLC now that it was 10pm and things were coming to life.
We took off up Main street, just peering into bar windows (I really want to go to the dueling piano bar!) and enjoying the amazing nighttime air when Michelle heard some catchy music. We followed the sound up the street and found a little out-door band (Ok, it was two guys with guitars...still counts). They were really good so we sat down on the sidewalk to listen for a bit! Michelle also entertained everyone with some quality solo-dancing. I wish I hadn't been so full so I could join in, but I thought my bowels might explode. Sorry bout that. XD I tried to keep the mood by swaying to the music while she danced. Michelle, you are my hero. :) The greasy band guys really liked it too, so we stayed for several songs and even made requests!

After that little activity we headed back to our hotel for some HOT TUB TIME!!! 

I love Google Image searches. This is a picture of the ACTUAL hotel we stayed at
and the actual pool and hot tub we went in. :) 
I was super excited about hot-tubbing. I hadn't been in a pool for like two years anyway, and I love hot water, and I'd always been secretly jealous of the first Lindsley sister weekend that the other 3 had that I wasn't there for. They'd always talked about the good bonding time they had while hot-tubbing and I felt left out. Not anymore!! :D

We settled in for a long game of "Truth or Truth" which just turned out to be us going around answering a bunch of questions about ourselves. We played until like 1:30 in the morning. It was AWESOME!! It was so nice to get to know Sarah, Michelle and Whitney better and to find out all the things we have in common. 

Finally we headed to bed. Sarah took one of the beds while I took the roll-out couch. The two of us toss too much to share. Whit and Michelle sleep like logs though, so they went ahead and shared. :) I tried to keep my eyes closed all night so I wouldn't catch Michelle staring at me. 

Michelle sleeps with her eyes open sometimes. 
We all slept in in the morning, except Whitney who went jogging because she is like this lady:

Also, I'm pretty sure that she should wear this when she goes jogging. 
We were all refreshed and ready for a long day of SHOPPING!!!
Good thing too, because we shopped for 8 hours. Not even lying. 8 HOURS. 

We went to the new City Creek Center. I am IN LOVE with it!! I can't wait to go back!!!
I bought clothes at H&M, Forever 21, The Disney store and this new store that I am completely obsessed with called "Love Culture". I was on shopping cloud 9!!!

It was a long day, but it was amazing. Everyone got some great new clothes and we had a great time looking around,  trying stuff on, and just enjoying the beautiful stores and beautiful day! 

After all the shopping we were all exhausted and ready to head home. It was very satisfying to get back on the road at 5pm on Saturday knowing that we'd knocked another sisters weekend out of the park. 

We rock at being sisters. ;) haha. 

I am so glad that I am a Lindsley. :) :) :) 

Fourth of July 2012

Ok, so I'm a month behind on the bloggy blog, but I still want to  blog about the very important holiday, Independence Day.

I love America. My mom was a diligent record keeper, and according to my baby remembrance books, "You're a Grand Old Flag" was my first favorite song when I was like...two? She thinks I was probably a patriot in heaven. Patriotism swells in the heart of the American bear. :) Ten points if you know what movie that reference is from. TEN.

Since the 4th fell on a Wednesday I worked the night shift both coming in and going out of it. Normally I get right off work at 7am and come straight home. This particular morning it took me almost an hour because all of the roads we shut down for the parade and the marathon. I love parades, but this was not my favorite part of the day.

It looked like this in every direction around my house. 
I did not do this...
Nor did I have a street fight, but I was amused that these
were two of the images that came up when I googled
"Road Rage". 

As soon as I finally managed to get home to my own house with my own free parking space I had to convince Steven to wake up and come to the parade with me. No easy task.

***I just google searched "Sleepy husband" to add some graphics for you. Here are a few samples of what popped up. ...Whaaaaat??!?***

Steven does not look like this when he sleeps.
He closes his eyes.
But good luck to the wife of this creepy guy...
Apparently this is someone's sleepy husband??
And then there was this one. Under "Sleepy Husband". 
Whaaaaaat? Sparta??? 
Hopefully that adequately illustrates how tired Steven was. 

Fortunately for me, Steven is awesome. He is a good sport, and he puts up with my crazy obsessive love of Patriotic parades. He agreed to get up and get ready and we were on our way to Center Street in Provo by 9:30 to watch the parade. 

Steven and I both wore new shirts I had bought for just such an occasion. His read, "Support our troops" and had a picture of Star Wars storm troopers. ;) haha. 

Doesn't he look handsome? :) 

I bought this super cute tank top! Yay America!

We were about an hour early for the parade getting to us. It starts way up near BYU and we were at the tail end.
We had a lot of time to wait and try and find a good spot to watch from. 

Finally the parade began! With the bang of a cannon, here comes the troops!!

The Utah 4th of July parade features many aspects of Utah culture including: 

Llamas from the Llama Fest in Spanish fork, 

Country Music from..well...everywhere in Utah...

Old-timey vehicles from the National road shows that are annually hosted, 

A tribute to WalMart...of course....

And floats and bands from every high school in Utah County!

Also I go to this school now. :) 

This is the most frightening balloon of my life. 

America: We have big guns. 
 One of my favorite, if not MOST favorite parts of the parade were the bag-pipe bands! I love the weird sound of bagpipes. :D

 Also, these acrobatic horse-women were super impressive! 


 After the parade I took a nap. That evening we met up with Richey, Whitney and mom and dad Lindsley for a family BBQ and a trip to the fair!
Steven bought a new sword a the medieval sword booth.

It looks a lot like this one. I'm too lazy to go take a picture of the actual sword he bought...haha. 
 After perusing the many amazing booths we headed back to our place for some patriotic pie!
Ok, it was cake...but pie sounded catchier.

I made this! 
Don't judge that my cake looks like a 4-year old may have put it together. I was trying to hurry so I didn't cut all the berries to matching sizes.

Patriotic Family! I especially like Whitney's headband. 

After cake I headed into work an hour early so that my coworkers could beat the firework traffic. I was a little bummed that I missed out on seeing the Fireworks this year, but happy that I had such a great day with family. 

God Bless America!

Also, it wouldn't be fourth of July if I didn't watch this. 

Best. Version. Ever. RIP Whitney. <3 div="div" nbsp="nbsp">