Monday, June 25, 2012

Steven is the WINNER!!!

A few months ago Steven entered an international photo contest through facebook for Goldie Marketing, a company that makes Mario and Nintendo merchandise. The premise for the submissions was that you should pose you Goldie marketing figurines and submit pictures of their interactions.
Steven set up a few scenes in the house with his figures and just used a digital camera and a free online editing program to put together a couple submissions.

After a few excruciating weeks of waiting it was announced that...

Ladies and Gentleman... We have a WINNER!! Congratulations to Steven Lindsley!! You are now the proud owner of $500 worth of Goldie Marketing Super Mario product!! Thank you to everyone who participated, we had so many great entries, it was really close!! We will be running another competition next month so be sure to get involved! Thank you again to all those that got involved, it was a great response!!

Yay!!! Steven was the winner!!! His second photo submission (the one shown above with the captions) won the entire contest! 

He was so excited! Now we just had to wait for the promised prize package! 

Many weeks passed...many many weeks. Poor Steven was so anxious to get his prize, and we didn't know when it would arrive! Goldie Marketing is based out of Australia, so we knew it would take a while. 

FINALLY, just this last week a HUGE box arrived while Steven was at work.

Here it is! I was SO tempted to open it. ;) Fortunately there was a little crack so I could peek in!

Steven was so excited to open it! THIS THING WAS HUGE!! 

Missy thought she would help too. 

The box was stuffed full!!! 

The first thing Steven pulled out was a kite, but he zoned in on the biggest prize...

A remote-controlled Mario car! 

Then he pulled out a special edition Nintendo Monopoly!! 
(We have already played this, it was fun!!) :) 

Next came a little pull-back racer, 

And then Steven started pulling out box after box of FIGURINES!!

These are normally about $7.00 a character. This prize box nearly doubled his entire collection!!

This giant Mario figurine holds out his hands so you can put things on him!

He's now on Steven's desk holding his German/English translator. ;) 

I didn't get a good picture of them, but there were also two plush toys, one Mario and one Yoshi!

At the bottom of the box were about 6 of these special edition book bags! 

Steven was SOOO happy! Imagine, all of this for FREE!!!

Here is Steven's $500 prize package from Goldie Marketing. 
All for just a one digital camera photo! 




*If anyone would like some Nintendo merchandise, there are a couple items that Steven is thinking of giving away. Let us know if you or anyone you know would like something! :) * 

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