Monday, June 25, 2012

Murders in the Garden.

"The beautiful city of Greenridge. It has seen its share of brutal 

mafia attacks, political scandals, and the occasional homicide, but 

despite the corruption, powerful and prominent citizens continue to 

reside in this ritzy community. James Fawcett is no exception. As 

owner and founder of Fawcett Demolition, Mr. Fawcett has earned 

his wealth by destroying the old in order to make way for the new. 

To celebrate his recent success, and to show off for a possible 

merger, Mr. Fawcett is hosing a garden party for the most 

remarkable people he knows, and you are invited!

-But be aware, even you have a secret..."

This foreboding message set the scene for our friend Austin Scott Clark's annual Murder Mystery party. 

Many months in advance Steven and I, along with a host of about 15 others, were assigned names and character identities. Each character had a short bio informing them of who they were, who they might know at the party, and a secret that they held. One person's secret was that they would be the murderer. 

James Fawcett - Austin Scott Clark
Natalie Fawcett - BryAnn Carpenter
Jeremy Russo - Nathan Boyer
Vincent Garth - Shebby Phalen
Kathy Hurrywood - Kelsey Barker
Niki Belleci - Jordan Middlebrook
Peter Costa - Johnathon Scott Gay
Lenny Rowell - Spencer Boyer
Theodore Coddington - Steven Lindsley
Paula Coddington - Rebekah Lindsley
Rene Rossmen - Charolett Reynolds
Leon Golds - Ethan Mackey
Rick Rolley - Eric Burrows
Cynthia Poncer - Heather Williams
Col. Henry Winchester - Kyle Hurst

This years party was held in Austin's parents large backyard, complete with a fully equipped non-alcoholic bar, three refreshment tables, a poker table and ... MURDER. 

Throughout the party each guest is given secret instructions of where to go and who to talk to. Everyone is an investigator, and no one is safe. 

Steven and I were Mr. and Mrs. Theodore and Paula Coddington. 
Or, as we began to call each other, "Teddy" and "Bunny". 

Theodore Coddington is the owner of Diamond Construction company. 
He is hoping to solidify a merger with Fawcett Demolition. 

Theodore is Paula's second husband. 
Her first died in a tragic car accident...
or was it in a horse-back-riding incident? 
Or is he even dead...? 

At the party the Colonel and his lovely wife Henrietta arrive. 
Also in attendance is Cynthia Poncer, Fawcett's lawyer. 
They are hoping the merger will take place as it is sure to benefit everyone.
...OR IS IT? 

The Demolition employees share drinks with the Construction team. 

Our host, Mr. Fawcett, seems to be getting nervous as he downs yet another drink...

Mrs. Fawcett is an excellent hostess and also President of the Rotary club. 

What starts as a friendly game of poker soon leads to two of these men dying. 
First to go is Vincent Garth (Shebby with the glasses). 
We assume he's died of a bee sting reaction as there appears to be a mark on his neck. 
Who would benefit from his death? 


Next to fall is our dear friend Leon. He simply drank too much an died of alcohol poisoning. 
I shouldn't have bought him that last shot. Tsk Tsk. 

Next to die is poor Mrs. Coddington.
Yes, that's me.
I am fatally stabbed and fall to my death near the bar.
Suspicions begin to arise...
One of the guests is a knife enthusiast, but she is not the killer. ...
Who could it be?

The night grows darker and the guests are restless and possibly drunk.
When the mini-cheesecake bites arrive, everyone is anxious for some more action. 

Shortly after Lenny is found lying dead. Strangled at the guest check-in. 

Now begins the guessing! Everyone is eager to accuse. 

But who could the killer be? 


The murderer turns out to be innocent looking Kathy Hurrywood. (Shown center in this photo with the belt)
Vincent was murdered because he stole her promotion. 
Paula was killed because Kathy was in love with Theodore. 
Lenny was killed because he knew too much, 
and then we stopped her! 

Here are the ladies, minus Cynthia and Kathy who had to leave suddenly. Once your accused of murder you don't stick around apparently. ;) 

Here are the gentlemen, looking sinister and serious...most of them anyway. haha. 

And...JAZZ HANDS! Yay for murder! 

We thoroughly enjoyed this year's enstallment of ASC's murder mysteries. We can't wait for the next one! 

Now come Teddy, let us retire to dinner. ;) 


  1. This is SO awesome! I love your nicknames for each other, haha. I'm sorry to hear about your tragic knifing experience, what a relief that you came through. :) nice work with the costumes, you guys are awesome!

  2. Bahaha! This is awesome! I wish we could have something like that, we're always game for a good murder...I mean, we'd murder for a good game...I mean...
    And Steven, Matthew and I both really like your hair. You should do that style more often.


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