Saturday, June 30, 2012

More craftiness!

I will probably update this post several times as new crafts get finished. I've got a lot of DIY fix-ups around the house planned!

The first one:

I repainted our old entertainment center! We got this from one of Steven's grandmas when we got married and I had always been meaning to give it a make-over, but I finally got around to it!

Ok, sorry that there are not actual "BEFORE" pictures...I forgot to take any. But you can see the entertainment center in the background of THIS one...

And also decorated for Christmas in THESE...

 The back of this cupboard is important to note...

Ok. Now that you've seen what it looked like before, here comes the surprise!! :D 


I painted the entertainment center all black to match the bookshelf I did a few months ago, and our living room theme of B/W and Red! 

See how good it looks next to the picture frames and the Red CD stand? I LOVE IT! 

 Also, remember that ugly mug of a cupboard? I mod-podged this gorgeous B/W scrap book paper onto the back of it! SO CLASSY!! 

I already had the left-over paint and painting supplies from the first project, so this craft only cost me a dollar for scrap-booking paper and about 5 dollars for a little 8 ounce thing of extra paint. (I ran out of the first one with a few things left to do!) 

It looks SOOO good in our living room. Yay! 

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  1. Oh my gosh. And you say you aren't crafty. Lies. ALL of them!!!


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