Friday, June 15, 2012

The eclipse.

Yep! We saw it.
Using special sun glasses from BYU, we were able to look directly at this amazing eclipse. We even put the glasses over the camera lense and got some pretty nifty shots. While reading safety instructions off of the glasses later, I discovered that you are actually not supposed to do that. Shhh...don't tell.

While you look at these WONDERFUL pictures, you should play this song.

The first look we had of the eclipse, with the moon just starting to creep over it!

Since we stayed in Springville instead of driving down to Cedar city, we didn't get the perfect "ring of fire" view. 

About a half hour later or so....this was as close to the total eclipse as we got. 

I feel like this one is out of order...

THE SUN!!! Steven took this picture of the sun without the special lense over the camera.
Also, you can't see the moon at all. I'm pretty sure I was falsely advertised to my whole life about
what an eclipse was. :S 


Oh, ok, here are some better ones as the moon continued to move past!

Oooooooo! Ahhhhhh! You should all be super impressed by these great camera shots. 

Okay, here is the last picture we took because after this the clouds covered everything
up and we couldn't see the eclipse anymore. You can look at all the photos backwards to imagine
what it looked like going away. :)
Wasn't that exciting? :D

And now that you have seen THAT version of the song, you really must watch "The Literal Version" because you will laugh until you cry. It is one of my most favorite videos ever. EEEEEEVER. Of all time. Ever.

Please watch this now. ;)

You're welcome.


  1. Hey! Did you ever meet my roommate Cicily? Because she was the first one to act out, and then play for me, the music video(s) of this song. Miles and I watched and laughed until we cried. What in the world!? My question is, was every 80s music video this crazy and random? Except I've never seen the cat version of the literal one that Misty? :)

  2. That video is pretty great. We watched the eclipse through eight pairs of sunglasses taped together. It worked really well actually. :)

  3. No it's not MISSY, but apparently the original version has been banned due to new media standards. Boo. Now the only version on there is this one-with a random cat posed in front of it. haha. Even better!!


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