Friday, May 4, 2012


In case anyone DOESN'T already know this, I am the Night Auditor at a hotel in South Provo. I have been working there for a little over two and a half years. With the rapid turn-over rate at my hotel I've had over 50 coworkers and, as of two weeks ago, am now the longest working front desk associate employed there. 
The one guy who had worked there longer than me (by only about 3 weeks) finally quit. His name was Steve the maintenance guy. 

Steve left the hotel in search of a better job and life up in Oregon. He loved the outdoors, camping in his expensive camper, fishing, and tattoos. 

For his going away-party all of the employees decided to surprise him with a out-doors themed cake and balloons, and for everyone to wear temporary tattoos. :D 

Everyone had an assignment, from getting pizza, the cakes and decorations to picking up a pack of Steve's favorite beer as a going away present. 

It was hard to actually surprise him since he was at work at the time we were trying to set up, and my manager didn't do a super great job of distracting him. Fortunately, he had no idea about the tattoos and was really surprised to find all of us decked out with them. 

It was a great party, and a good tribute to honor our maintenance man Steve! Yay! 

Here are some photos of all of us and our tats. :) 

I found this great banner at the best party store ever-Zurchers!

The cake said, "Get some Steve!" ...meaning fish...get some fish. 

Here is Steve with his cake and beer. He was pretty happy about it. 

My sweet sultry neck tattoo. XD HAHAHA!
Arm tattoos! I really wanted to make a whole sleeve, but I didn't have time. I also had a yellow smiley tat on my back. :D 

Almost all of our staff showing off their tattoos. Steve's are the only real ones. Lol! Yay! 


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