Friday, May 4, 2012

Scaredy Cat

Missy is still the best cat on earth, but this post is about one thing that maybe wasn't quite the best.

It was a beautiful day last week, one of the first sunny clear days we'd had all month, and we decided to take our pets to the park and have a picnic.
There is a nice big park just a few blocks from our house.
Missy loves going in the car, and came willingly that far, but as soon as we pulled up to the park she started freaking out and whining.

Claymore, our box turtle, on the other hand was delighted about being out in the sunshine. He waddled off through the grass and basically didn't stop moving around the whole time we were out there. He even tried his hand at climbing trees!
Claymore is so adventurous. 

There he goes! Right up the side of a tree! No fears here...

As soon as we got Missy out of the car (carrying her) and set her down,
she made a beeline straight back to what she was sure was safety.
It was a beautiful day and we had a nice picnic packed. I had assumed we'd let Claymore waddle around and Missy could go as far as her leash permitted and explore while we ate. Missy had other ideas...

After whining on our laps for a while Missy climbed onto the table,
pushed everything out of my bag
and climbed inside. 
We were both laughing so hard! She is such a spoiled house cat.

Missy remained inside the bag for the rest of our picnic, and only when I lifted her out would she slink along the ground as near to us as possible. HAHA!

I really thought she'd enjoy a chance to run around and possible stalk some of the birds that she's always meowing at through the windows, but no. Missy likes to be safe and pampered. Lil' spoiled girl. ;) 

When we packed up and headed for the car she was the first to arrive and begged to get in. As soon as we got home she dashed inside, and then suddenly became very snooty. She pranced around the house in a little inspection of everything and then settled down on the couch like, "Alright, everything is in order. You may continue your lives now." Heh. She's funny. :) 

So that is the story of Missy being a scaredy cat. 

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