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April 18th was apparently a very popular day to give birth. I share my birthday with both Steven's older brother Ryan, and my brother's wife Michelle. Michelle and I had a joint party when I was 18 and she and Daniel were engaged, but since then we haven't really lived close on our birthday so it's not a conflict. Ryan however, still lives here in Utah, so we have to battle. JK JK JK!!! Actually, this year all I wanted for my birthday was donations to "The Xanthe Fund" (blog post to follow) so I didn't do anything extra special. Besides, I was just turning 23, which isn't very significant in any way.

Ryan though, he was turning 25. That's a quarter of a century. WOO! He deserved a party. Ryan's wonderful and extremely beautiful wife (also named gets confusing...) planned to give him a special surprise party the Sunday before his birthday. All of the Lindsley fam drove up to Logan, broke into their house and set up the best surprise party ever!!

Ryan is super surprised!! He had no idea. :) Yay!

Lots of kick-awesome decorations!

The fam! I love being a Lindsley. :) 

The biggest balloon (and the best picture) of all time. Thank you Richie for this moment. XD

Ryan would "lion-king" every present after opening it.

It's not a proper birthday without one of these pics!

We buried Ryan in all of the balloons. :D Yay!
It was GREAT to be able to spend some time with the whole family and surprise Ryan in honor of his special day. :) Because they live in Logan we don't see them nearly as often as we'd like.
I am SO SO SO SO SO grateful to have such amazing in-laws. I love all of my Lindsley siblings and simply couldn't ask for better parents. I love them!! We all get along so well and I can't imagine not being part of this family. <3 As Mom Lindsley always says, "Love love!" 

The following Wednesday was the official birthday. I don't know what Ryan did, but mine turned out pretty sweet! 
As requested, Steven had the best orange rolls ready for my breakfast. I love those things! Maybe we should do half-birthdays too so that I can eat them more often!
I got the night off from work, so during the day I took a nice long nap. I had to wake up though, because all of my coworkers threw me a birthday party! 
Remember how I said April 18th was a popular day to give birth? Well, it's no different at my work. I ALSO share my birthday with my coworker Mary. 
Fortunately, if I had to choose someone to share my special day with, it would be Mary. She works the breakfast shift on weekdays, and is now the person who has worked there next-longest after me. We've been through so much together, and I love her to death. Plus she's the nicest lady ever. She also works at the make-up counter at Dillards, and she brings me free make-up and perfume ALL the time. She also brings me her college-aged daughters really nice clothes when she out-grows them. Mary is the bomb. I always repay her by making my special cran/banana bread out of any over-ripe bananas from work. I love Mary.

So anyway, our work threw us a joint party with pizza and soda and cake. We each got a big specialized cupcake (one cake wouldn't do because Mary likes white and I like chocolate.) and everyone sang Happy Birthday-once in English and once in Spanish. :) Mary and I exchanged gifts; she got me a new bag (it was actually the one featured in the Scaredy cat post...), some perfume (of course) and a really big candle. I got Mary a special pillow for her back, an eye-mask and ear-plugs for her noisy neighbors, and a Scentsationals plug-in warmer. Have you guys been to their outlet? It's AMAZING!! SOOO much cheaper than Scentsy. 

When I got home from the work party my in-laws surprised me by bringing over an ADORABLE cake! See? Told you they are the best!!

Here I am posing with all of my gifts!

Steven is the best husband ever. He got me Tina Fey's book "Bossy Pants"
AND Ellen's latest book "Seriously...I'm Kidding."
After I picked up Steven from work he hurried to get all of his homework done so we could go out. Unfortunately, since this was during finals week and he had a lot of take-home finals and projects to finish up, it was no easy task. I had to wait 4 hours until he was at a good ending point. He is such a hard worker! I am so proud of him. I wish I could be more like him when it comes to school. Maybe when I go back someday I can follow his good example. :) 

I had reserved us tickets to see Titanic in 3D. We had a quick and delicious dinner at Zupas (the best!) and headed for the theatre. 

Because it was a Wednesday night during finals week we were one of only THREE couples in the entire theatre. It was the absolute best movie-viewing ever. I felt like I was in my own private theatre for my birthday. :D :D :D The movie was EXQUISITE! Neither Steven or I had seen it in it's entirety before, and I may or may not have bawled A LOT. haha. It was great. 

So...I'm 23 now. YAY! That is the story of me, and Ryan's, and Michelle's and Mary's epic April 18th 2012. 

Also, thanks for all the people that called and personally wished me a Happy Birthday. Especially Xanthe, who was having contractions at the time. You are my best friend ever. :D 

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