Friday, May 4, 2012

Another bath for Missy

We have the best cat. This is no secret. Anyone who meets her knows this. She is the BEST cat ever. Missy is so sweet, so calm and loving, so affectionate, and so smart. She also lets us give her baths.

She is so good at it, that I can now use the shower head (on a low setting) while bathing her.

Here are some cute pictures of our amazing cat taking what is probably her third or fourth bath.

So calm and composed. :) 

This one is my favorite. She looks so small and cute and it reminds me of her as a kitten. :')

See? Shower head! I think she actually likes it,
which is great because it's SO much easier and cleaner
than using a cup. :) 

All done! She is the best! 

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