Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baking and Crafting

I'm being so domestic! With all of my spare time, here are some of the projects I've done.

Here is a tutu I made for Xanthe's baby girl! :) 

This is a banana-bread/cranberry cake. Yum yum!

Paper heart chain for Valentines Day! 

Added some ribbon and stickers to this vase...


And I made these two wreaths using wire hangers, ribbon, Styrofoam and felt! :) 


I can't really take credit idea-wise though...all credit must go to the two best websites ever: Pinterest and!!! SO AMAZING! If you haven't checked these places out yet, you should. Especially supercook. You type in all the ingredients you have in your house and it generates recipes for you to try! It's so awesome. You can also highlight a certain ingredient that you need to get rid of (old bananas?? ;) ) It is seriously the greatest website of all time. I use it almost every day now. :) 


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