Friday, February 24, 2012

8 Things Missy Does to Annoy Claymore

So I figured since we're on a pet theme right now, I'd talk about life between Missy, our cat, and Claymore, our turtle.  At a glance, one might think that they co-exist very well, but really, Missy just likes to bug him.  Here's what she does:

1. She eats his food
And when she's done she usually fills his bowl with bark

2. She uses his water dish
Either drinking the water or sitting in it when it's empty

3. She steals his heat lamp
She does this all the time, even though she doesn't like bark

4. She steps on him
She very often uses him as a footstool or just steps on him because she can

5. She bats him with her paw
she loves trying to touch his face

6. She chews up his fake grass
I think she stopped doing this, but she did do it for a while

7. She sneaks up and pounces on him
Her favorite thing to do with Claymore.  Poor guy is probably a nervous wreck by now

8. She uses him as a pillow
Well, she's never actually grabbed him like this, but I suppose it's still cute

True story.  Despite it being a one-sided relationship, they seem to get along pretty well.  And even though Claymore is probably at least 15 years older than Missy, she seems to think of him as her pet.  Yay pets!

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