Friday, February 24, 2012

10 Reasons Cats are Better than Babies.

***This should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: THIS IS MEANT TO BE A HUMOROUS POST, NOT AN OFFENSIVE ONE.***

1. At 8 weeks kittens can leave their moms and you can take them home. Babies you have to wait 9 months for.

2. At 8 weeks old, cats can feed, bathe and clean themselves. At 8 weeks babies are completely dependent on you still. In fact, babies remain COMPLETELY dependent on you for years. and years...

feeeeeeeeeeeeeed meeeeeee
3. When you get bored of playing with them, cats can entertain themselves. Babies need constant supervision and attention. 

4. Cats love you all the time. Babies grow up to be teenagers. 

5. Besides food, litter and the occasional toy, cats don't need anything else. 
Babies need diapers, formula, food, binkys, several changes of clothes a day... ... ...

6. You only have to bathe cats every few months, if ever. You have to bathe babies/kids daily. 

7, Medical costs. Cats have 3 sets of shots and are spayed/neutered and they're good to go. Hospital birth alone costs more than that. 

8. If you fail to care for them properly, cats *occasionally* will cough up a fur ball....but babies spit up on you several times daily.

(You thought I was going to put a picture of a hairball didn't you. ...haha. ) 
9. You only have to scoop out a litter box about once a week. You have to change diapers multiple times DAILY. 

Missy has one similar to this-covered with a little mat.

When we want to go on a vacation we can just pack our cats litter and food and take her to someone else's house and she'll be totally fine. You would never do that with a baby. 
***Having a cat doesn't have to interrupt your normal life, but it can totally enhance it. Having a baby changes everything.***

Having a baby changes everything. 

The End. 

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  1. Was not expecting the last baby picture lol... but this is awesome, almost convinced me to get a cat. :-)


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