Friday, February 24, 2012

8 Things Missy Does to Annoy Claymore

So I figured since we're on a pet theme right now, I'd talk about life between Missy, our cat, and Claymore, our turtle.  At a glance, one might think that they co-exist very well, but really, Missy just likes to bug him.  Here's what she does:

1. She eats his food
And when she's done she usually fills his bowl with bark

2. She uses his water dish
Either drinking the water or sitting in it when it's empty

3. She steals his heat lamp
She does this all the time, even though she doesn't like bark

4. She steps on him
She very often uses him as a footstool or just steps on him because she can

5. She bats him with her paw
she loves trying to touch his face

6. She chews up his fake grass
I think she stopped doing this, but she did do it for a while

7. She sneaks up and pounces on him
Her favorite thing to do with Claymore.  Poor guy is probably a nervous wreck by now

8. She uses him as a pillow
Well, she's never actually grabbed him like this, but I suppose it's still cute

True story.  Despite it being a one-sided relationship, they seem to get along pretty well.  And even though Claymore is probably at least 15 years older than Missy, she seems to think of him as her pet.  Yay pets!

10 Reasons Cats are Better than Babies.

***This should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: THIS IS MEANT TO BE A HUMOROUS POST, NOT AN OFFENSIVE ONE.***

1. At 8 weeks kittens can leave their moms and you can take them home. Babies you have to wait 9 months for.

2. At 8 weeks old, cats can feed, bathe and clean themselves. At 8 weeks babies are completely dependent on you still. In fact, babies remain COMPLETELY dependent on you for years. and years...

feeeeeeeeeeeeeed meeeeeee
3. When you get bored of playing with them, cats can entertain themselves. Babies need constant supervision and attention. 

4. Cats love you all the time. Babies grow up to be teenagers. 

5. Besides food, litter and the occasional toy, cats don't need anything else. 
Babies need diapers, formula, food, binkys, several changes of clothes a day... ... ...

6. You only have to bathe cats every few months, if ever. You have to bathe babies/kids daily. 

7, Medical costs. Cats have 3 sets of shots and are spayed/neutered and they're good to go. Hospital birth alone costs more than that. 

8. If you fail to care for them properly, cats *occasionally* will cough up a fur ball....but babies spit up on you several times daily.

(You thought I was going to put a picture of a hairball didn't you. ...haha. ) 
9. You only have to scoop out a litter box about once a week. You have to change diapers multiple times DAILY. 

Missy has one similar to this-covered with a little mat.

When we want to go on a vacation we can just pack our cats litter and food and take her to someone else's house and she'll be totally fine. You would never do that with a baby. 
***Having a cat doesn't have to interrupt your normal life, but it can totally enhance it. Having a baby changes everything.***

Having a baby changes everything. 

The End. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Missy's First Tree

A beautiful day, a park, a tree, and a cat.

The weather was nice

We saw some doggies in a fenced off yard across the park.

Missy was reluctant to leave our laps

She feels safer with us.

I should make a blog post about all the reasons cats are better than babies. haha. JK!!

Okay, so now it's time for the story.

We decided to introduce Missy to a good climbing tree.
At first she didn't really grasp the point of it, so Steven demonstrated by clawing the tree. Missy soon followed his example, sniffing around the base of the tree and reaching up to scratch the trunk.

All of a sudden she leapt onto the trunk and had climbed up to the first branch within about 5 steps.
Fortunately we had her on a leash, so we prevented her from taking off to the clouds!
Missy was SO excited to be up in that tree. She kept pulling on the leash wanting to climb higher.


After a few minutes of standing there trying to pull our cat down, we were starting to feel really awkward. It seemed Missy had no intention of ever leaving this tree and I was starting to wonder whether we would be calling Mr. Incredible to come uproot the tree for us.

After about 5 minutes we decided that she needed to come down. Enough joggers had stared at us that we were getting pretty anxious. We tried coaxing her and calling her, but nothing worked. We couldn't very well just pull her out of the tree. For one, she has claws and was hanging on up there, and secondly we didn't want her to get hurt if she fell. Also, what if she landed on our faces and scratched our eyes out??

Our brilliant solution was to send Steven up the tree to get her.
While still hanging on to the leash, I gave Steven a boost so he could reach the lowest branch, which was still easily a few feet above our heads. He had to pull himself up onto the branch, get a leg up over it, and scramble onto the tree. It looked really difficult, mostly because the height of the tree branch. Finally, after a bit of a struggle, Steven managed to perch himself in the tree next to Missy.

She took a look at him sitting there...
and promptly climbed down the tree on her own.

So maybe I should have named this post..."Missy and Steven both climb a tree".

After that everyone was tired. haha.

Here is a picture of how good Missy is getting at being on a leash.

And here are her cute little paw prints!

That sneaky little cat. ;) 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baking and Crafting

I'm being so domestic! With all of my spare time, here are some of the projects I've done.

Here is a tutu I made for Xanthe's baby girl! :) 

This is a banana-bread/cranberry cake. Yum yum!

Paper heart chain for Valentines Day! 

Added some ribbon and stickers to this vase...


And I made these two wreaths using wire hangers, ribbon, Styrofoam and felt! :) 


I can't really take credit idea-wise though...all credit must go to the two best websites ever: Pinterest and!!! SO AMAZING! If you haven't checked these places out yet, you should. Especially supercook. You type in all the ingredients you have in your house and it generates recipes for you to try! It's so awesome. You can also highlight a certain ingredient that you need to get rid of (old bananas?? ;) ) It is seriously the greatest website of all time. I use it almost every day now. :)