Thursday, January 26, 2012

Being Productive

Not being in school has it's pros and cons.

Pros: No school. No stressing about homework. No tests. No book/tuition fees. No waking up early or staying up late to go to class. No walking around an icy campus in winter. 

Cons: I. am. so. bored. 

The first couple weeks after Christmas break I was LOVING my continued break! I could do whatever I wanted, go wherever I wanted, and I had a lot of Christmas money to spend. I made a craft run almost every morning after dropping Steven off at school. 
I finished updating my entire scrapbook in less than a week. I started baking almost everyday, slowly working through the giant tub of flour my mom gave me.
I also was sleeping a lot more than "usual". I'm still working 4 night shifts a week, but when I'm in school I barely get in 8 hours a day, sometimes only about 6. Now, with no classes to get too, I've been sleeping 10-12 hours DAILY. I just have nothing else to do! 
This morning Steven said something along the lines of: "What are you going to do today? Sleep? Because it seems like that's all you do. All the time. When you get bored you're just like, 'hm...guess I'll go back to sleep!" 
Now, that may seem harsh (mind you, I was paraphrasing) but it's sadly very true. On days when I have to commitments or activities set up, I tend not to set an alarm and my body just keeps sleeping! It's gross.

So I was determined to make my time more worthwhile. I wanted to post on facebook about all of my accomplishments, but I thought that would seem a little too desperate for attention, so....
you get to praise me instead! Yayy!! I figured since the only people who read this are basically my family members and close friends, it wouldn't seem quite as needy. 

Today after dropping off Steven at school I: 
1. worked-out hard core for 20 minutes
2. Played with Missy
3. Finished addressing all of our New Years letters
4. Wrote all of our Thank-you notes for Christmas
5. Mailed all of the above
6. Picked up my friend Eva and drove her to school
7. Attempted to clean out the car but then gave up because our vacuum doesn't work well enough
-But I did remove 2 wheat thins, a ketchup packet, two bobby pins, a blindfold, a dollar bill and several pieces of trash from the car... 
8. Did all of the dishes
9. Set up a car appointment for tomorrow morning to get our safety and emissions inspection done.
10. Decided to bake peach muffins (which turned out AMAZING btw.) 
11. Re-did all of the dishes that I'd dirtied to make muffins
12. Ate lunch
13. Took out the trash.
14. Cleaned the litter box.
15. Took out the trash again (kitty litter)
16. Uploaded new photos to facebook
aaaand am now writing this blog post.

Ahh. And now that it is finished I will be picking up my husband from school after which I will THEN go to sleep. ;) 


  1. You are crazy! haha! Those pictures make me laugh so hard--where in the world did you find them? And I was having the exact same bored day! Which is the reason my blog finally got an update :)
    I made granola instead of muffins, though...we have no peaches. Let's talk! Only I think I might have no minutes left, so it will have to be after seven here. :(

    1. It's amazing the things you can find with a google image search. XD Though, I admit, I wasn't even expecting the epic-ness of that last photo. That was a lucky find.
      I'm sorry to hear Sister Arrington's granola didn't work out so well for you. Have you heard of I highly recommend it. :)
      We should have a phone date soon!

  2. I want to know why there was a blindfold in your car.... Have you been kidnapping people in your spare time?

  3. haha! YES! All the time. XD Actually I did use a blindfold a couple weeks ago to surprise Steven with something, and it was left over from that.


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