Thursday, January 5, 2012


THIS, was 2011
FEB: Y-Ball

March: Rachel Coyne leaves on her mission, Mock-tail murder mystery party at Austin's, Jessica's Bridal shower, Nanny job in Las Vegas

  Oh, and I also cut and donated my hair again. :)

April: Jess and Miles marriage, My Broadway birthday Party (22!), NYC Anniversary

May: Kyle and Lauren's wedding, Sarah's graduation, Got Missy!!!

June: Bonfire night with our high school friends

July: Car Breaks down, Harry Potter, CA trip-Mom's birthday/Lindsey's wedding

August: Camping Date Night

September: Goblin Valley, Michelle's barbie party

October: Steven's birthday, Brian Stokes Mitchell Concert, Rebekah was accepted to UVU, Halloween

November: Thanksgiving/Family reunion

December: Gardner Village w/Xanthe and Todd/Christies' party, Xanthe's baby shower, aaaand Christmas

Yay for 2011! 

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  1. Wow! I love that you did a picture or two from each month and just hit the highlights in order. What a great way to remember everything. You guys make great Halloween pirates by the way.


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