Saturday, January 28, 2012


I am covering two extra Audit shifts this week. This means I will work 6 night in a row, have one night off, and then work 4 nights more. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........................................................not.

On a better note, I will be getting paid for all of these shifts, so that's nice. i guess. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Being Productive

Not being in school has it's pros and cons.

Pros: No school. No stressing about homework. No tests. No book/tuition fees. No waking up early or staying up late to go to class. No walking around an icy campus in winter. 

Cons: I. am. so. bored. 

The first couple weeks after Christmas break I was LOVING my continued break! I could do whatever I wanted, go wherever I wanted, and I had a lot of Christmas money to spend. I made a craft run almost every morning after dropping Steven off at school. 
I finished updating my entire scrapbook in less than a week. I started baking almost everyday, slowly working through the giant tub of flour my mom gave me.
I also was sleeping a lot more than "usual". I'm still working 4 night shifts a week, but when I'm in school I barely get in 8 hours a day, sometimes only about 6. Now, with no classes to get too, I've been sleeping 10-12 hours DAILY. I just have nothing else to do! 
This morning Steven said something along the lines of: "What are you going to do today? Sleep? Because it seems like that's all you do. All the time. When you get bored you're just like, 'hm...guess I'll go back to sleep!" 
Now, that may seem harsh (mind you, I was paraphrasing) but it's sadly very true. On days when I have to commitments or activities set up, I tend not to set an alarm and my body just keeps sleeping! It's gross.

So I was determined to make my time more worthwhile. I wanted to post on facebook about all of my accomplishments, but I thought that would seem a little too desperate for attention, so....
you get to praise me instead! Yayy!! I figured since the only people who read this are basically my family members and close friends, it wouldn't seem quite as needy. 

Today after dropping off Steven at school I: 
1. worked-out hard core for 20 minutes
2. Played with Missy
3. Finished addressing all of our New Years letters
4. Wrote all of our Thank-you notes for Christmas
5. Mailed all of the above
6. Picked up my friend Eva and drove her to school
7. Attempted to clean out the car but then gave up because our vacuum doesn't work well enough
-But I did remove 2 wheat thins, a ketchup packet, two bobby pins, a blindfold, a dollar bill and several pieces of trash from the car... 
8. Did all of the dishes
9. Set up a car appointment for tomorrow morning to get our safety and emissions inspection done.
10. Decided to bake peach muffins (which turned out AMAZING btw.) 
11. Re-did all of the dishes that I'd dirtied to make muffins
12. Ate lunch
13. Took out the trash.
14. Cleaned the litter box.
15. Took out the trash again (kitty litter)
16. Uploaded new photos to facebook
aaaand am now writing this blog post.

Ahh. And now that it is finished I will be picking up my husband from school after which I will THEN go to sleep. ;) 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Missy gets spayed


Here is a helpful website if you are wondering whether to get your cat spayed or neutered.
We were feeling really anxious about the ordeal; Steven felt it was inhumane, and I was just feeling bad about taking Missy to the vet. I think I hate being there more than she does. However, once we'd done the research we knew it was the right thing to do.

Also...we had to live through one week of Missy being in heat before we got her in to be spayed. It went something like this:


So...we didn't really have any regrets when we took her to the vet.
It was a sad day for our little Missy-cat. She had to stay at the vet from about 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening when I picked her up. They had to shave her belly and she was in so much pain that she wanted to kill us both. We had to leave her alone all evening, because even if we came into the same room she would start hissing and yowling and it was terrifying. 
The next morning she felt much better though, and I was able to give her pain killer meds. She reeeally liked the pain killer. haha. After it kicked in, she would be all loopy and sleepy. She spent most of her day staring at blank patches of wall or staring off into space all the while purring for no reason. 

For two weeks we were not allowed to encourage her to jump or run.
The first night after she got home she slinked into the bedroom and jumped onto the bed. 
Two days later she attempted to jump onto the bathroom counter and Steven caught her as she fell.
After about a week we realized she was going to be playing by her own rules. 
She has now, for the first time, sucessfully figured out how to get on top of the fridge. 

This cat does her own thing. 

Anyway, today is the two week mark, so she is back to her regular couch-clawing, fridge-jumping, bug-eating, purring self, and we adore her. 

Yay Missy!!  

Friday, January 6, 2012

The best New Years Eve I ever had!

About half a week before New Years I realized that I had nothing planned, yet didn't work. I quickly did a search for fun things to do in Utah and found that most of the events were in Salt Lake City. I searched for hotels in the Salt Lake area and came up with only one hotel that wasn't sold out, the Residence Inn near the SLC airport. That was the first stroke of luck in a weekend filled with lucky moments. 

Saturday I surprised Steven with my plans and we headed for Salt Lake. My brother and his wife had sent us a gift card to Red Robin for Christmas and we stopped in West Valley to have an AMAZING meal! Because we were still outside of Salt Lake there was no wait time and we had a cozy corner booth. Dinner was fantastic and we were back on the road to our hotel by 7. 

We checked into our gorgeous hotel, just ten minutes from downtown Salt Lake and decided that we would drive into the city and check out exhibits at the Clark Planetarium. 

We ended up getting FREE parking, and saw lots of FREE attractions at the Planetarium. We learned a lot about the planets and the solar system. It was fun AND educational! 
We walked out of the planetarium around 10:30. Since we still had an hour and a half before midnight, I suggested we walk up to the Melting Pot and try to get some chocolate fondue. 

The next luckiest moment of the night came when we walked into the melting pot at 10.:59 and got seated RIGHT before they locked the doors. Awesome!!

Here we are waiting for our chocolate fondue! 
We chose to try the S'mores one that comes with marshmallow creme and graham-cracker crumbles!

Here it is---well, the last of it. :) 

We saved the cheesecake for last and smothered it with the left-over chocolate!

A nice man stopped and took a picture for us. Another lucky moment!

We left the melting pot at a quarter to midnight and ran up the few blocks towards West Temple where they would be shooting off the fireworks. There were other people running that way, but it was pretty quiet. We kept checking our watches, and it seemed like it was pretty close to midnight.

All of a sudden, all of the Christmas lights that were lining the street went off, and every one of the streetlights and electric signs started flashing and this ground-shaking deafening burst of sound went off just a block away! Boom boom boom boom!! One blast after another!! IT WAS CRAZY!!!

At first we couldn't see the fireworks, but we could see their reflection in the windows off all the tall buildings around us. We ran across the street, cars honking everywhere, and we saw them! Beautiful explosions of color across the sky! YAAAAYYYYY! ps. I LOVE fireworks.
Everyone was hugging and kissing and shouting-it was glorious!

Crappy picture, but their are fireworks behind us!

It was such a great magical moment! The fireworks went on for a decent amount of time, and when they had finally stopped their was a great cheer and shouts of "Happy New Year!" all around us. 
We headed back towards our car, parked about 6 blocks away, and were able to pass right through the mass of people that had been on the other side of the buildings where the fireworks went off. I was in heaven. I love crowds! It was so reminiscent of New York City with the big buildings and happy drunk people stumbling around in funny hats and crazy outfits. :D haha. Yay! I was grinning the whole way. 

On the walk back I called my parents to wish them a Happy New Year. We also noticed how all of the people who had parked up right by the fireworks were being completely blocked from leaving the parking lots by all of the foot traffic. There were people everywhere! 

Our luck, however, continued as we made it back to our parking garage under the gateway. We were able to cruise right out of there and back onto the streets with no trouble at all, AND, did I mention it was free? :) 

The night was a huge success, but still far from over. Once back in our cozy hotel we popped "The Bubbly" 
And popped the complimentary bag of popcorn that Residence Inn's provides. 
We then toasted to a brand New Year and settled into bed to enjoy the luxury that is TV. 

It was, hands down, the best New Years Eve I've ever had. :) :) :) 

Thursday, January 5, 2012


THIS, was 2011
FEB: Y-Ball

March: Rachel Coyne leaves on her mission, Mock-tail murder mystery party at Austin's, Jessica's Bridal shower, Nanny job in Las Vegas

  Oh, and I also cut and donated my hair again. :)

April: Jess and Miles marriage, My Broadway birthday Party (22!), NYC Anniversary

May: Kyle and Lauren's wedding, Sarah's graduation, Got Missy!!!

June: Bonfire night with our high school friends

July: Car Breaks down, Harry Potter, CA trip-Mom's birthday/Lindsey's wedding

August: Camping Date Night

September: Goblin Valley, Michelle's barbie party

October: Steven's birthday, Brian Stokes Mitchell Concert, Rebekah was accepted to UVU, Halloween

November: Thanksgiving/Family reunion

December: Gardner Village w/Xanthe and Todd/Christies' party, Xanthe's baby shower, aaaand Christmas

Yay for 2011!