Wednesday, December 14, 2011

School Sucks

Being the smarter of the two, Steven might disagree with this post. However, I'm writing it, and I can say whatever I want, and what I want to say is SCHOOL SUCKS.

Not that I hate learning or anything...I just hate tests. I hate that my intelligence level is based entirely on some stupid little number, my "GPA". I hate that my potential for greatness is measured on exam percentages. I hate school for that reason.


I failed a final exam today.

It sucked.

What's even more pathetic, is that it was for my New Testament class.

I failed a final about the BIBLE.

I'll probably go to hell now.


I had been under the false impression that we would be able to use our scriptures on this exam. We were able to use them on the mid-term, and I don't remember at any time the teacher saying we couldn't use them on the final. However, once I arrived at the testing center, I was told that I could not use my scriptures on this exam.


and THEN, the teacher had to go and make the test ridiculously hard and having relatively nothing to do with Jesus. Or scripture stories. Or sheep. ...which are basically all the things in the bible that I know about.

As it was, there were a lot of questions like this: 

"What is Paul talking about in chapter (number) verses (number-number)?" [Mind you, NO scriptues...]
"A: Jesus
B: Jesus' teachings
C: Scriptures in general
D: The commandments
E: Both A and C
F: Both B and D
G: All of the above
E: None of the above"


And I'm not making that up either, that is literally what most of the questions were like. 

So yeah...I totally failed. FAILED. Epic-ly completely failed. 

I was pretty upset when I got home from the test. I cried hysterically for about half an hour yelling nasty things about school, and BYU, and the ladies at the testing center, and teachers....

It was a lot like this>

Good news for me is, after my last two finals I WILL be done with school for a short while. I've officially decided to take the next semester off so my brain doesn't explode. 

Also, I'm officially transferring to UVU. So that's also awesome. 

Other good news, I can now join the not-so-dignified ranks of people like this: 


  1. I agree, the grading in religion classes is generally terrible. Because they're not pass/fail, they have to create hard tests about unimportant details in order to get some distribution of grades out of the class.

  2. This post made me laugh so much! :D

  3. Hahahaha! I loved those pictures, and most of all the one after the sample test question. It's true, religion class tests were some of the MOST unfair and sneaky sometimes! Especially with the A-F questions and the "A and B...B and D...All except D..." sorts. Baaaaah! Oh well. I don't think you'll have to go live with the pillsbury vampire devil thing for that one. :)


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