Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Christmas Season Arrives!!

Shortly after we arrived home from Arizona we pulled our Christmas boxes out of the closet! 

Steven got a little distracted while setting up the Christmas tree.
Having an adorable little cat does that. :) 

Missy was really excited about the Christmas decorations...
or rather the boxes they came in. haha.
Also she liked her Christmas stocking. :) 

I am starting a snowman collection! On the floor is one I got from my friend Christie,
and in my hand is the one I made at a Relief Society activity.
I looove me some snowmen!!

As soon as we got the tree up, Missy started chewing on it. 
She also really enjoys sleeping under it. 
Even with the lights are on. :) So cute!

We tried to help Missy get festive by putting a little scarf on her.
She was not amused. 

We love our little kitty!

Here's about what it looked at once we got all the decorations up.

We had lots of great activities this month! 
Our friend Camille Bradford hosted a graham-cracker-house making party.

Here are our friend Kyle and Lauren working on their masterpiece. 

Here are Tyler and Ethan attempting a second house.
Their first attempt went...a little downhill. haha.

Here is our house! 

I did all the frosting work on it, while Steven was the main architect!

Our awesome house!! 

Lauren and Kyle's completed house! So cute!!

Yay! Candy garden!

Lookie lookie! Missy didn't like the scarf, so I got her a little festive collar! 

Aww! Our lil' Christmas elf!

Our house again...right before we ate it. 



NOM!!! :D 

Merry Christmas to us!!! 

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