Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Babies, babies everywhere!

Two of my bestest closest friends a mommies! One had her baby at the beginning of December, and the other will be having her baby in April! I couldn't wait to go see my friend Crystal's little baby boy, Briggson! I was able to go over to her place the DAY after he was born! He is a cutie and my friend Crystal is such a cute mommie! I love them both.

So precious! 

New mom! 

My favorite pic of the day. <3 <3 <3 

In that same week, I helped to host a baby shower for my best friend Xanthe and her baby GIRL!!
She was getting ready for a big move across the country to Virginia, so we had to throw the shower before she left, even though she was only 5 months pregnant.

Xanthe wanted a bumble-bee theme, 
my mom MADE this cake for her shower!

Also these cupcakes! Sooo cute!
Everything was edible and made by hand. 
My mom is amazing. :) 

The beautiful mommy-to-bee!

Beautiful table of treats for her shower. :) 

Super cute diaper cake that my sister in law made! 
Cutting the cake! 

Opening presents!

Sisters, sisters!
It was a great day and a fun week! So many babies! I love my friends and I love that they are embarking on new journeys as mothers. That is something I know I'm not ready for, but I'm glad I can help them out and enjoy their sweet babies! :)

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