Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Valley of the Goblins

Steven's best friends name is Kyle. He likes to go hiking and exploring all over Utah and knows all the best spots to visit. He took us on a trip with him down to Southern Utah to see Goblin Valley. Neither Steven or I had been there before. It was a really neat place! The wind erosion makes the rocks into all of these weird formations, and you can climb anywhere you want! There are also caves. And lizards.
Into the valley!


A fun little cave!

A larger cave

At the highest peak


Just hangin' around!

I done caught me a lizard!
Thanks Kyle for a fun adventure day! It's nice to get out of Provo and see some of the more beautiful and interesting parts of our state.

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  1. I love Goblin Valley. Went camping there once with my uncle as a kid. I'd love to go back for the climbing....


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